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Four-Tres-Two-Uno Uno-Two is an alternate universe, sponsored by Bitter Gourd King. Share a Bitter Gourd with Artemis.


In pastel, dreamlike Synapse, a strange phenomenon begins and ends.

Citizens of Synapse adore their city. They adore the ships of the dried-up beach, they adore the basketball skills of the local highschool, and they also adore their marvelous video production company. What more can they ask?

Time crawls along however it pleases, the buildings are splashed over in mint and perfume pink, and life blossoms and blooms like the peonies and chrysanthemums on The Flowery Path.

When a mysterious actress comes to town, the flowers begin to bloom more.

Matters of Interest

Your Daily Diamond

Some sunshine will bring you luck today.

The Restaurant Across the Street

The Restaurant Across the Street is said to serve delicious food. Most notably, their castella cake is known for its soothing properties.

The Flowery Path

Where his feet touch the ground, flowers push their stubborn heads out to meet him; through linoleum, through limestone, they bloom for him and his delight only. They dance in the breeze, greedily turn their crowns to drink the clear resin, the Wonder that wafts through the sky. They're the parasites of the neat gray concrete, and you could snap their stalks and drink the resin, if you tried.

Away from the Flowery Path you shall stay.


Another star is falling from the Andromeda constellation. Quick, make a wish!

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  • Morning Call
  • A Dream Last Night
  • New Shoes
  • Tricked By Familiarity
  • Today, I Am Feeling
  • Let Me Ask You Something
  • Would I Become a Cool Guy?
  • I Wonder
  • Across the Street
  • A Flowery Path
  • That's It
  • The Starting Point is the Ending Too
  • Let's Not Believe That
  • Encore Uno
  • Encore Two
  • Encore Tres
  • Encore Four


  • This is the original concept that ended up birthing The Caratland Narrative.
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