This Is A New Year In Ever After

I Remember when i got there, i was so glad to go in Ever after for follow my destinie, but i do not know why it seem that i want to write my own story, but i had also the choice to follow my father path its now up to everyone in the school to decide their path, because since the adventures of the others when i heard it, i really want to have my story, but since i am destined to be a villain, i do not know how can i choose my own path since then.

But i i am sure i will not despair, i will have the path that i am decide if i want to follow my dad i will, but do i still want my own ever after yes, but its just that i have to accept the fact that its to me to chose who i really want to be in my story, because we have to make a choice same if that's not that easy.

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