Garrett Gryphon, is the oldest son of the Gryphon from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Garrett is currently a Roybel, as he is still contemplating his destiny. 


Garrett has tanned skin, round golden-yellow eyes that remind of of a Hawk's, and short, wavy white hair that is quite glossy, and feathery; though Garrett's bangs however, are brown. Garrett has a long face, a flat nose, defined cheekbones, a rounded jaw, and oval lips that are normally seen without the faintest hint of a smile in certain instances. Garrett stands in at 5"11 and posses an athletic build, and he has rather sharp nails due to his Gryphon heritage, and Garrett does sport a pair of large wings on his back that he keeps hidden for the most part due to an enchanted necklace that keeps them hidden from non-Wonderlandian students.


Garrett has a generally laid-back personality, and doesn't seemingly be the type of person to get serious unless he truly needs to be. Garrett is quite reckless, and obstinate while his attitude towards life is simply going with the flow, since he believes life is a journey rather than a destination, and deals with problems head on, but only if the problem is very big and a nuisance to Garrett whether it a person, place, or thing. Garrett does enjoy getting under the skin of those who have truly annoyed him, though he generally keeps up a rather affable and friendly persona to those who interest him greatly, as he seemingly wants to have fun rather than buckle down.

Garrett also doesn't really have too much of a good opinion on the social norms of non-Wonderlandian students, and mostly disrupts people by giving off an rather awkward cough in the middle of conversations people normally have. Garrett is quite proud of his Gryphon, and Wonderlandian heritage as he doesn't shy away from his odd habits when met with naysayers who don't know how to understand his lifestyle, as he is dead-set on not changing just to conform for anyone.

Fairytale:  Alice in Wonderland

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Garrett wears a black zip-up hoodie, over a navy blue muscle-shirt with the image of a turtle on his chest, a black pair of skinny jeans that hang loose with a woven belt around his waist, and a pair of sneakers that appear to be rather worn. Garrett wears two rings on his right hand: one on his index finger that has the emblem of a White Rabbit on its face, and another on his ring finger which has a rose design on its face.

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