Gemma Faerie
Gemma Faerie
Character Profile
Parent Story My mom appears in a lot of stories, from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty.
Alignment Rebels
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"Hi! I'm Gemma Faerie, a soon-to-be famous actress you'll be hearing a lot of in the near future. But for now, I'm planning on helping the Rebel cause. I want to help them get the freedom to do whatever they want with their lives. Because I know many who don't want to pledge their destinies. Who blames them? Most of them are terrible. During all that, I'll definitely keep focusing on my acting career."

Mirror Blog

I'm here at Ever After High for another year of the same classes. Curse me now...

I guess I shouldn't complain about my schedule. At least I didn't get Damsel-in-Distressing. #Perks of being a Fairy Godmother

I hope no one knows me. I'll curse myself if anyone knows that I've been held back for over 100 years. Gotta fly under the radar.

Anyone know if there's room on schedule for being a star actress between turning pumpkins into carriages and princes into beasts?

Went Book-to-School shopping for new clothes!!! There are new shoes at the Glass Slipper Shoe Store!!!!!! I bought about ten pairs of new shoes!!!!! A good day indeed...

I'm going to join the Rebel cause. The rebels definitely need someone determined and fableous... like me. :)

On a quest to get more people to join the Rebels. Anyone want to take control of their destinies?

I am the star of my Drama class! But I'm not going to get famous just by starring in school plays! Ideas?

Ugh! I'm rooming with a princess. Her name is Imogen Gänseliesel. Worst part? She keeps asking me to do stuff for her.

Turns out Imogen's not so bad. She's actually really sweet. But my Grimm, she doesn't know how to do anything! Figures. She's been sheltered by the royal life.

I might be the only FGIT(Fairy Godmother In Training) who is planning to flip the script. So much for flying under the radar...

Oh my GRIMM! There was a major food fight today at EAH. That never happened before. I felt both furious and excited...

I have a bunch of angry, food-covered princesses I have to deal with. They're ordering me to "fix" them.

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