Genie Chic is the 6th episode of shorts for Off the Island


"Theme Song"

Genevieve: What're you doing in my lamp?

Rocky: Alex wished us here.

Alex: I didn't think we'd end up here.

Blond-E: Wait, we're in Ever After?

Genevieve: I almost forgot, dress code. "snaps fingers"

"Alex & other's clothes change into something Genie Chic"

Genevieve: You were violating dress code, so I had to fix that.

Blond-E: I don't think you're ever getting these back.

Genevieve: Steal from me & We'll have issues.

Rocky: So how hexactly do we get out?

Genevieve: Same way you got in, wish.

Alex: I wish we were out.

"The 5 disappear"

Genevieve: Finally, wait where's-Blond-E!



  • Alex
  • Nicky
  • Rocky
  • Owen
  • Blond-E
  • Genevieve
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