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Quotation1.png Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s sleeping.


George-Michael Bernard Pendragon is the son of King Arthur, from Arthurian Legends.

Knowing that Britain’s failure to defend against foreign invaders is often due to internal conflict, Bernard is above everything a pacifist. Although he’s all for the knights going off fighting dragons and saving maidens and getting grails, his goal as King is to make sure everyone is happy and content and friends with everyone! How else is he supposed to run a great powerful kingdom if the thing that leads to his downfall is being betrayed by those dear to him?



In a phrase, Bernard is best described as an “aggressive pacifist”.

He’s paranoid. He’s stressed. Bernard knows the ins and outs of his tale. He knows the major variations, he knows the major players. He knows which the little embellishments and editions some authors have added, and he knows how his story has shifted over time. Bernard is a King Arthur who is acutely aware that he’s a little pawn in the grand scheme of things. He is acutely aware that the Romances sing of all the betrayals he’s meant to suffer, and he’s very much aware of his own death. (Morte D’Author. God, now that’s a spoiler from the title itself.)

Because of how knowledgeable he thinks he is about his destiny, Bernard genuinely believes that his fate is divine-given. He’s convinced that he will be a great King Arthur, he’s convinced that the spirits of the previous King Arthurs live in him. When people say, King Arthur will return, he’s 100% certain that they’re talking about him. Bernard, he tells himself, you’re the King meant to save Britain from ruin. And Bernard loves his country. He loves his people, his culture, his history. Without a doubt, he wants to be a good King -- it’s the highest of honours.

The two things combine, and what you get is a neurotic teenager. Bernard knows exactly how King Arthur fails in his goals, and how Britain and the knights can fall to ruin. In Bernard’s mind, he can prevent that. He can save Britain. He can… not fail, and actually succeed! And that failure, he believes, is caused by one thing alone: lack of civility.

So, above everything Bernard holds lofty ideals. Civility, obviously. Kindness. True chivalry. Honesty, integrity, being loyal and faithful. Break any of these ideals, he thinks, you're breaking the true meaning of knighthood. As King Arthur, Bernard thinks by preserving and reinforcing these beliefs, he’s going to have the greatest Court of Camelot of all time.

Therefore, he’s very stubborn. In fact, he can get outright hostile if someone isn’t playing fair, or if someone talks back to him. Sometimes, he will straight up force people to get along, and often suggests “icebreakers” and “bonding activities”. He’s also very loud, firey and worked up - often jumpy and scattered from place to place, and has never learnt what an “inside voice” is.

Bernard is a great believer of “mindfulness” and “self-care”. He often prints out colouring pages and buys facemasks for his knights, and gets them to sit in a room with him and just meditate. He talks/shouts a lot about self-reflection and “being good people”. If someone brags to him about the dragon they captured or how many people they’ve bested in a tourney, sure, he’s congratulate them, but not without asking, “okay, but were you a good person today? Did you say hi and smile to people? Did you take some time to rest for yourself?”.

Although kind and stubborn in his kindness, Bernard is still prone to being a giant pushover. He’s very certain about a few things - his role as King Arthur, for instance, and his divine-given duty to fulfill that. He’s less certain about other things - for instance, how kind he actually is. Is he truly being wholesome and virtuous and good? Is he doing well in this King Arthur business? So when he’s questioned on his goodness, or when someone asks him for a favour, he really struggles to refuse and say no. That does mean he’s prone to stress and burnout.

Another thing Bernard thinks about being King Arthur: he’s a role for the background. Sure, perhaps earlier traditions had King Arthur has a leading, saviour figure. Bernard loves that. But what Bernard also loves is Arthur in the later Romantic traditions. That’s an Arthur that’s more of a background Arthur - a king on his throne while all his fancy knights are off doing fancy knight things. What Bernard really does like utilising his ideal of kindness for is supporting his knights! He’s fond of making care-packages, or making baked goods. Even when he’s not able to sit down for a self-care (k)night with them, he hopes that they still think well of him and his inherent desire to “be kind”.

Often, with all this care that he lavishes, he jokes that he’s a sort of “grandma friend”. However, Bernard also gets easily upset when his efforts of bringing in baked goods or forcing his knights to partake in friendly bonding activities are met with passivity or even outright animosity. This upset can get to the point of being too paranoid that his knights secretly hate him, which he expresses in really passive-aggressive ways (which, unfortunately, drives the cycle). From then, he’s desperate to do more good, be more kind… and more overbearing.

In short, Bernard is earnest in his love. His love of being King Arthur, his love of his country and story and his knights. It’s a love, that when he expresses is, becomes almost suffocating, for both him and the people around him.

This is a boy acutely aware of his tale.

Knowledge is power, they say. And power corrupts.


Bernard is a English youth. He’s lanky, with red hair and fair skin. He’s not too fond of his face, thinking it rather plain or even ugly, and often jokes that “alas, the curse of being European royalty!” then adds “could be worse, though, cough cough Mordred”. That said, he’s got an upturned nose and a thin mouth (neither feature is ‘bad’, he’s just not big on his face).

Often, Bernard likes to don sleepwear or casual clothes - his standard outfit includes a dressing gown and sweatpants. Although he has been met with some criticism for his unorthodox decisions, who can question the son of King Arthur himself?

Bernard's height is revealed to be 6'. The reasoning behind this is simple: "it explains his audacity".

Interests, Hobbies, and Skills

Relaxing and Reading

There’s really nothing Bernard loves more than being curled up in a good book with some coffee or hot cocoa. Sometimes, speaking a lot and rallying knights gets really tiring, especially when they don’t seem to be responding positively to your efforts at “initiating closer friendship!”.

Things that Bernard really enjoys reading is… surprise, surprise, the medieval romanz tradition. He’s hugely fond of the stories about Charlemagne, or Godfrey the king of Jerusalem. He knows the Song of Roland more intimately than he knew any of his exes, and can recite large chunks of it off by heart. Basically, Bernard knows his genre. He’s living in it.

And of course, Bernard is always down for self-care nights. Facemasks, foot scrubs, everything. Sometimes, he really just wants to invite all his friends over for a sleepover, where they can gossip and make fun of each others’ crushes. He would bring baked goods, and it’s all fun and chill and they can just learn about each other and understand their perspectives and why people behave as they do. He even hopes, maybe, he can even invite some future villains along, where they can both drink tea (literally) and spill tea (figuratively).

Crosswords and Riddles

He’s not just a voracious reader - Bernard really likes puzzles! He thinks that they’re really stress-relieving and a lot of fun.

Because of a fondness for riddles, Bernard is also really into hearing prophecies and trying to interpret him. He hasn’t gotten too far in this little hobby of his, but he’s trying!


The sport of his childhood... in fact, the only sports that Bernard really cares about.

Forget jousting. Forget fencing. There's only one physical activity that makes him happy. Give him a wicket, give him a bat, and give him a cricket ball. That's it, that's all.


Bernard truly believes that he’s a God-sent King, and as any good King, he has to learn diplomacy. A given, really, since he values civility and kindness so much that diplomacy is just that but political.


  • Bernard is not spelltacular at sword-fighting. Like, he’s been trained well and can do it, but would never cite it as a hobby or interest of his.
    • In fact, he's so solidly mediocre/below-average that there is no a single knight on the Round Table that can't kick his ass.
    • I'm honestly surprised that someone hasn't skewered him already.
  • Likes to practise "mindfulness" and "active listening".

Mythology: Arthurian Legend

How It Goes

Quotation1.png A broken man lies in the rust that's stained his whole life through
The blood that pools beneath him doesn't change the metal's hue
Like rainfall long forgotten, Mordred's tears in his wounds do sting
To Arthur in his arms he sings, "You're the Once and Future King"

The Mechanisms - Once and Future King, from High Noon Over Camelot

King Arthur is possibly the most famous figure in British Mythology. He is the son of Uther Pendragon, and the true King of Britain, who is the only one able to pull the sword from the stone. After his coronation, he is married to Guinevere, a foreign princess whose father gifts Arthur the Round Table, though this marriage is not the most faithful.

Overall, there's many varied adventures. While earlier texts hailed Arthur's might in battle, the romance tradition preferred to touch upon the adventures of different Round Table knights, putting Arthur more as a background character.

Traditionally, King Arthur dies at Camlann, in battle against his son-nephew Mordred, who has been attempting to usurp the throne of Camelot while Arthur was away at battle. His body is carried to Avalon to rest, and it is said that Arthur will return in the time of Britain's greatest need.

How Bernard comes into this

Quotation1.png I'll be back! Whenever Britain is threatened by the forces of dark and evil I will return and lead her to safety. I'll be back!

King Arthur in Horrible Histories' "Cut-Throat Celts"

Bernard is the son of the last King Arthur, Teddy Pendragon, and the wife of an enemy King (serving the role of Igraine). He was conceived in Tintagel, as according to legend, while his father was disguised by magic as the husband of the lady.

When the baby was born, and immediately given to Anthony Cynyr, the Sir Ector of this generation, to take care of. Sir Anthony Cynyr had moved to the Kent countryside with his own children - a pair of twins, Cadi and Artor Cynyr -, and raised the three together as siblings.

Meanwhile, Teddy Pendragon was off completing the rest of the Legends assigned to him, including the fight with Accolon, and then the final battle at Camlann against Mordred. At the former fight, the Accolon of that generation received a mortal wound - all according to destiny -, and bled out at her own campground, in her real love (the then-Morgan le Fay)'s arms. At the latter, Teddy himself fell, and was carried to Avalon. In this short span of a month, both of Bernard's biological parents perished in battle.

But Bernard was but a baby child, and did not know anything. Nevertheless, as he grew up in the Kent countryside with his father and siblings, he was never ignorant of destiny. His adoptive father, Anthony Cynyr, was honest about their destinies, and if not, the context clues were far too obvious.

Nevertheless, risks need to be taken. It was a tradition in the family to celebrate Christmas and New Year's in Camelot, with Uncle Kane (the last Sir Kay), where the parties were the grandest. However, the family would stay inconspicuous, and avoid visiting the House of Pendragon, and ensure that Bernard wouldn't be recognised by the tourist crowds and citizens as their future King. To Bernard, Camelot was always a magical place - clearly, given that he has only seen the city during Christmastime.

At age 14, Bernard started attending Ever After High - the first step in his formal education.

Opinion on Destiny

Quotation1.png Well, you have to know these things when you're a king, you know.

King Arthur, Monty Python & The Holy Grail

Without a doubt, Bernard adores his destiny. He finds the legends beyond precious, and highly values what they stand for. Bernard has a very collectivist mindset, wishing to strive for a greater cause rather than for himself. Hence, it's very upsetting for him that Arthur's reign falls due to internal strife.

He identifies as Royal, resulting to give up on his knights, on Camelot, and on himself. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean he's happy about everything in his story. Rather, he's scared to death, mostly of betrayal and being hurt by his dearest friends.

See his personality section for a fuller explanation of his thoughts on destiny.



Right, so Bernard is my little love letter to Arthurian Legends. Not just the Legends, but the tradition of story-telling about King Arthur. From Monmouth’s pseudo-history to little satirical adaptations… all of it. I won’t be able to capture all the parallels I draw, but I will note the major ones.

  • Bernard wears sleepwear. In many traditions, when Arthur is sent to Avalon, there’s the hexpectation that he will “return”. In some interpretations, it’s believed that Arthur isn’t dead, he’s sleeping.
  • He prefers to take on a background role because in the Romance tradition, King Arthur isn’t really a major player, as people much prefer stories about other knights.
  • The reason why Bernard focuses so much on internal civility is because Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote the History of British Kings in a time of civil war, with the implication that the reason why Britain lost to foreign invaders was not because there was too much internal conflict for them to unite. Bernard encompasses/voices that message in human character form.
  • He has red hair in reference to William II, or Rufus, the second king of (Norman/Saxon) England. And yes, I do realise that the Saxons were exactly what King Arthur was fighting against, but many later English kings did end up adopting elements of Arthurian Legend for their own inspiration, such as…
    • Ed I and Ed III. Some elements of Bernard’s dress was based around the way the House of Plantagenet dressed.
      • and also how the House of Hannover dressed. Something about four Georges, something about conquering the known world, something something losing the colonies?
  • Small things that Bernard does/says are nods to other takes on Arthurian Legend. Most prominently, in his infobox bio, you can see pretty significant references to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Bernard is an absolute romantic. The Arthurian Legends is part of the romanz or "Romance" tradition. While the words for emotional romantic and romanz Romance mean different things, I still wanted to play with the pun.


Bernard's theme colour is pink.

He likes to dress for comfort. Despite his role as a King, he doubts that anyone would wish to criticise King Arthur enough to demean him. You will see him in a lot of sleepwear-styled items, often accented with ermine. Stained glass aesthetics are also incorporated.

Many motifs are associated with Bernard, including crowns, the Pendragon, the sword in the stone, and Arthur's coat of arms. If animal motifs occur, they are lions or bears.

Art Bernard's Outfits
Bernard finished fullbody.png


  • He wears a chainmail shirt - chainmail obviously chosen to denote knighthood.
  • His vest has a pocket shaped like his coat of arms. The patch on his right is a pendragon resting on a rock with a sword (The Sword in the Stone).
  • Sweatpants because he's a comfy boi. They're monogrammed because he's a prince.
  • His socks are meant to look like medieval towers and they also have his coat of arms.
  • Bunny slippers as a nod to Monty Python, obviously.
  • Dressing robe is meant to look like stained glass (hence why it's translucent) and ermine as a nod to European royalty.
  • His crown is a green dragon perched on a Christian cross - signifying his ties to both Britain and Christianity.

Legacy Day

Getting Fairest

Sugar Coated

Bernard's Sugar Coated is themed around coconut-frosted cupcakes.

SDCC: The Spirit of Avalon

In the SDCC Hexclusive, Bernard Pendragon takes the form of a ghost. This doll has a translucent body, and is dressed in various items that are sheer. He is meant to represent 'the spirit of King Arthur' returning in the time of Britain's greatest need, and comes with a doll diary.

Hexclusive: Self-Care (K)night

This line features Bernard hosting one of his self-care parties.

Need for Noble Speed (doll line)

Bernard is attending the derby as a guest.


Quotation1.png The Once and Future King started to wonder if other princes knew how to appreciate clouds. From his knowledge, they only appreciated clouds when they were off with hot people on the sorts of dates where you face the sunset and your mind is busy working out the most polite way of asking the other person if they wanted to make out. Bernard Pendragon liked to think that he was better than those princes, except he was hexactly that sort of prince.

I Think My Timing's Wrong


George-Michael is a nod to the stained glass of King Arthur in Rochester Cathedral, where he’s flanked by two patron saints of England, St George and St Michael.

Bernard means ‘bear’. Arthur means ‘bear’. Pretty straightforward.

Pendragon is the second name taken by King Arthur’s father, Uther, which Uther chose after seeing a vision of a firey comet-like dragon in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the British Kings.


Bernard's potential faceclaim, Ruairi O'Connor

  • A potential faceclaim for him would be Ruairi O'Connor, specifically in his role as King Henry in "The Spanish Princess".
  • He was raised in Kent, England, although he was conceived at Tintagel in Cornwall. It is unknown where he was born.
    • However, Bernard firmly regards Kent as "home" and Cornwall as his "ancestral home".
    • Bernard also speaks in a Kentish accent.
    • His first names being derived from Rochester Cathedral also led to my choice of him being raised in Kent.
  • His favourite scent is of roses.
  • Bernard does not like bunnies or rabbits. They terrify him. His slippers are bunny slippers, to remind him that he can step on even the worst of his fears.


Further Reading

Fanfiction Appearances



  • Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah: And love is not a victory march. It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah
    • This song is always very bittersweet for me, and I think it captures the bittersweet approach Bernard has to romance well + neat biblical themes.
  • Dan Bern - Jerusalem: All the ancient kings came to my door. They said, "do you want to be an ancient king too?". I said "oh yes very much, but I think my timing's wrong".
    • Honestly this is just for the above line. It also just gives me Bernard vibes. Let me live, okay.
  • Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For a Hero: Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
    • 100% Bernard vibes? Someone please sweep him off his feet, he deserves it.
  • Hildegard von Blingin' - Bad Romance Medieval Cover: If this is sin then I shall never repent.
    • I mean, King Arthur is defined by that Bad Romance.


  • Spades, for suggesting how the idea of "forcing civility" aligns nicely with how positivity culture can be taken to an extreme - how problems are ignored or failed to get addressed.
  • Cass. I love the Cynyr siblings! These three have my entire heart, and I hope they'll be happy. Cadi and Artor are vital beyond words. Above all, thank you Cass for being endlessly supportive and shouting your love for Bernard out - it is the most inspiring.
  • Hidden, for convincing me to sail this concept out in the first place. I was so nervous to put Bernard on site, but I'm glad I did.
  • Airy. You're a nerd.