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Gina has tan skin and hazel eyes. Her hair is brown with a teal ombré on her bangs and the tips of her hair. Her hair is packed in a ponytail. She wears a dark teal top and light teal pants which are separated by a golden glitter belt. The pants have glitter gold floral designs on it.She wears dark teal flats with bows of the same color.


Gina is very shy. She says sorry a lot to new people, even if she does nothing wrong. However, her shyness does mess some things up. You have to be confident to grant wishes but Gina isn't very confident. This causes her wishes to mess up a lot. She is also very clumsy. She often gets picked on by Penelope Green. She always relies on Hua Xialan to stand up for her but she wishes that she could stand up for herself. Gina is very creative and is good at writing stories. She is also very modest and never brags.Despite her inability to grant wishes, she has a great knowledge of magic and often helps Xialan in that class.

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