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Ok so this is a personal mirror blog? Don't hexpect many creepy stories from here, but if I suddenly start posting murder videos call an exorcist lol

>New post! The true story of Merry Alne. In 1975 this girl disappeared mysteriously from a locked room. The week preceding it, the family had reported seeing mysterious shadowed figures lurking around their house. Supernatural forces or a cover-up? Go to to find out.

Starting a new school next week. Geez I'm gonna be moving to Germany for it, it's kinda a scary thought… wait scary’s kind of an overstatement when it's me saying it heh

Also I’M GOING TO EVER AFTER HIGH LIKE (screams) It's like. A super prestigious school or something? Idk my friends seemed excited. And that was half a century ago!

Idk life's gonna be a lil busy these next few days but I'll do my best to get next week's post up on time (peace)

Sorry for lateness. Today's post is on the Grey Poet of Hamelin. Everyone knows how fairytales are reenacted every generation. However in the 18th century one retelling went badly wrong with the premature arrival, not of a Piper but a strange grey-skinned Poet with a wide smile and a cursed song. Read more at thepastneverdied

idk whats the point of a mirrorblog anyways? What if i snuck in some suspicious clues and turned this blog into a twisted mystery ARG? That'd be aces.

ARGs, VHSs... idk I like acronyms they're very wholesome

in a... commercialised way

It's a nice day for some tea huh? Man Im gonna miss this place when I'm at EAH. Miss... Myself I guess. I dunno, being both a person and a tree makes semantics confusing haha Ginny-mirrorblogpic1

It's been ages since I've travelled aaaa

Hmm how should I pack my recording equipment? To google I guess

I'm kinda excited honestly?? I dunno, things have been really lonely lately...

I should start a new diary to commemorate the occasion! Oh wait i still have a fair few pages left of this one :(

Guess I’ll go in the forest to see if I can find something interesting enough to fill this book with.

oh wow... does this count? Ginny-mirrorblogpic2

Im in Ever After! First impression is they have lovely weather, it's really replenishing! #photosynthesis

still have to head to EAH... oh man i wonder what sorta mysteries/conspiracies they have, the hub of fairytale kids has gotta have at least a few vengeful presences and weird cryptids right?

I mean just from casual observation, I think the weather seems too nice? As if we're on the set of some story ready to unfold!

Which would be appropriate given the point of the school.

And if you're curious, yes I believe in Narrator theory

There's just too many convenient coincidences and set pieces going around for it to just be chance.

There has to be some kind of higher power that can rewrite our world!

And this isn't even in a religious way, figures from all sorts of religions appear in fairytales

which can also be seen as an argument for Narrator theory! Cause despite the contradictions, our world is still cohesive! It's almost as if these references are tied to some other universe.

Also I've seen a few deus ex machinas in my time. I'm p sure narrators exist.

Many wonderlanders have said they've talked to Narrators and I think that's too many instances to refute.

And no, wonderlanders being called 'mad' isn't a valid argument against their testimonies. There's internal logic to Wonderland you know, cmon widen your worldview a bit :/

I just met my roommate for this year!!! Some of you may know her as daredaredarrell on wootube, she's fun. Go follow her, @saitheword!

Today's been pretty busy, but the night sky sure is pretty.

oh man Slendy1-byhidden

oh man Slendy2-byhidden

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