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Giselle Annalise Dancer [she/her] is a 2015-introduced/2020-revamped and all-around character. She is the only daughter and child of the current generation's Second Dancing Princess (Amalia Dancer) from the German fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses written by the Brothers Grimm.

At the time of the Rebel Movement, Giselle is attending her Yearbook Year and currently rooms with Calina Kuznetsov. Perfectly fine with her destiny and having no issues, Giselle sides with the Royals. However, that doesn't say she doesn't support the Rebels as some of her cousins are Rebels.

[This character was originally created by the amazing GrimmsDePytheLover, later adopted by ShadowSpirit020]


Before Attending Ever After High

Childhood & Preadolescence


Attending Ever After High

Freedom Year


Legacy Year


Yearbook Year

With Raven destroying the Storybook of Legends in Way to Wonderland, Brenda is free to do what she wants with her life.

Classic Year

After Ever After High


Upon graduation, Giselle joined Adalius's boyfriend Malik Faraji in traveling around the world. During their travels, the two formed a photography company, taking pictures for people and whatnot.


Personality & Traits

Physical Appearance

Giselle is an exact copy of her mother, Queen Amalia. She has light strawberry-blonde hair, which she often keeps tied in a ponytail and over her shoulder, with baby-blue eyes, and an average skin tone.

Hobbies & Interests


For the longest time, Giselle has had an interest in photography, finding peace and quiet just talking pictures.

Powers & Abilities


Fairy Tale - The Twelve Dancing Princesses

How the Story Goes

Main article: The Twelve Dancing Princesses

How does Giselle Fit Into It?


Class Schedule 



  • Her full name is Giselle Annalise Dancer.
    • The name Giselle is of German origin and means "pledge/hostage".
      • It is also the name of a ballet of the same name. 
    • The name Annalise is of German origin. It is said to be a variation of the name "Hannah".
    • The name Dancer was chosen to match canon character Justine Dancer and also because she's in a dancer family.
  • She identities as panromantic bisexual.
  • With twelve daughters, Anton and Sylvi split their large kingdom into parts, allowing each of their daughters to have their own place. Amalia's "kingdom" resides next to Juliana Dancer


  • Her original name, Brenda, was originally set to be her middle name, but upon changes for her backstory, the name was removed.


  • 05 April 2020: Giselle was adopted by ShadowSpirit020/Giselle was renamed from Brenda
  • 21 July 2015: Giselle was adopted by GrimmsDePytheLover
  • 27 March 2015: Giselle was created by FANDOM USER
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