These are the Golden Party diaries from these characters.

Auspicious Midas

Finally I throw a party worthy to tell all the kingdoms. This is only partial my idea. I have to give credit to Wyatt White for introducing me to this idea and Briar Beauty for setting it up. At first, I thought this wasn't going to work out but then I remembered, I am the son of King Midas! I throw great parties that many people envy from. Eleancia Prancer and Duchess swan turned it out, which made me feel so good inside.

Muffy Muffington

Serving the theme of golden treats was a fabelous idea that Auspicious came up with. I had on my golden dress, golden jewelry and a golden muffin headband. Auspicious was so hexcited that I was catering his party. I baked a whole bunch of treats for the party. Ever since I unwrapped my tray of Golden Bun Cakes, everyone came rushing towards me, grabbing every since pastry. I went under my table and brought out a chocolate cake with gold frosting. Auspicious was so surprised that I baked his fairy favorite cake that he forgot that his party was going on.

Wyatt White

My BBFA threw this hextacular party. Now I usually only wear white attire but I added a few golden accessories for his page-ripper party. Auspicious came rushing over to me when I walked in the building. He was thanking me for setting up this party now. I didn't want to hear it, I dd for him anyway.

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