This story marks the departure of amy dragon, a book character of mine who is now on MHFW, and her goodbye to friends.

The goodbye

"what you mean you leaving?" asked dame dragon in shock to his little sister, amy dragon.

"I mean, im transferring schools, to a school called Monster high" said amy.

"but sis" said clove dragon.

"look, Its my choice" said amy.

"I know, have you told dad?" asked clove.

"yeah, he went mental" said amy.

"don't worry amy, you'll be ok there" said dame.

"yeah" said clove.

Amy sighed and went back to her room to finish packing, her roommate, ally wonderland, wasn't there, she sighed, she told ally first. She packed her family photo and sighed, it was her and her siblings at the beach.

She must have fallen asleep as she woke up and found a note on her empty bedside, it said:

"come to icys, flames and cloves room"

Amy got up and went to her sisters room, it was dark until she heard them shout surprise.

"couldn't let you go without a proper goodbye" said clove, hugging her.

"so you really not sad?" asked amy.

"duh, but its what you want" said clove.

Amy smiled.

Soon, it was late and amy went back to get some rest, she was leaving soon for MH.

Sorry its short, going on a wiki I made to add a new page. So this explains why amy wont be in any more storys.

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