Today, I thought of him. Fourteen year old Bastion Fanfarinet. Optimistic, shining. He could have gone on to do greater things, had it not been for the hexpectations of destiny.
Bastion Fanfarinet's diary

An AU consisted of its own little AUs. Basically, what would have happened in Zena’s little pocket universe had this one thing not happened, or had things been a bit different? How would that have affected the course of their OCs’ character development and interpersonal relationships?

Mostly focusing on ideas proposed during the Manhunt and by extension, Veritas Virumque.

He and I -- we’re no longer the same person. We’ve separate now, and remain thus. What he could have been is greater than what I will be now. In this fact, I find no disturbance, but an odd sense of comfort.


  • greater than now - had Gabriel been given the Fanfarinet destiny from the very beginning, leaving Bastion destiny-less.
  • of destiny - had Raven Queen never rebelled.

Author’s Notes

  • This was self-indulgent, with no intention of decent syntax and diction or dialogue.
  • Also I'm genuinely sure you're all sick of Bastion Fanfarinet by now.
    • But in my defence, there will be more Turnus Wyllt.
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