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i swear to god if i hear you call im a believer the song from shrek one more time-

grimmsdepythelover (they/them), better known by their less embarrassing alias, grimms, is a 2015 introduced user on this dear wiki. they arent the most active user on the site but believe me, they are trying their best.

about me

hi. my name is grimms. ive been on the wiki since 2014, starting as an anon and eventually getting an account. before my terrible current user name, i was grimm master so if you see that around, its me. i left and came back periodically throughout 2016-2019, but im pretty determined to stay this time. who knows tho.

eah was a huge part of my childhood and was a real big hyperfixation of mine as a child- it was one of few interests that stuck with me for years. it saddens me that it has ended, but i do love both my ocs and canon characters to death so here i am. the wiki meant so much to me and i have made some of my closet friends here, and i really really want to get back into it.


things i like and will probably leave random easter eggs

  • music
    • the beatles and monkees
    • classic rock and 50/60s pop
    • modern baseball, nirvana, third eye blind. the vibes
  • movies
    • west side story
    • 10 things i hate about you
      • modern shakespeare aus are 10/10 in my book
    • star wars
    • 80s stuff. back to the future. john hughes. you know what im talking about
  • russian and american history
  • i really have nothing else that's my entire personality

fanon things


one shots

longer works

  • stories from the maggieverse
    • an alternate universe where todd parents don't die and megan's parents have another daughter, magnolia "maggie"
    • permanently on hiatus but hey, it exists?


i dont draw a lot but when i do. i put it here.

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