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If I slap you with my left hand, I can see your past, present, or future. But it's not trustworthy so don't put too much stock on it.
---- Gulzar explaining her "magic touch" to Shani Red.


Gulzar Haghighi is the next Scheherazade from the Arabian Nights. She's quite conflicted with her tale... though she prefers to just pretend it is not there. 

She attends Camelot International Preparatory School as a third year.


Gulzar Haghighi is notoriously mischevious and is known as the class clown in her school. She is outgoing, laidback, with a taste for adventure and action. 

Gulzar often gets in trouble with her teachers for being more focused on her social life than on her academic studies. She is actually a decent student but doesn't think that it is the most important thing in her world. 

Gulzar loves stories. No, not the musty old novels from the library, she hates those. She loves the stories that are around her. The stories of the students at CIPs. 



Gulzar Haghighi is pretty tall for a female at 178 cm. and has a lean, athletic build from all the gymnastics and yoga she has done over the years. 

Her hair is jet black with indigo streaks. It is styled into a medium length disheveled wavy lob with bangs. Her skin is a dark brown with red undertones. Her eyes are a dark blue -- reminiscient of the ocean at night. 

She always wears bright red eyeshadow and is often seen with little red ribbon-shaped clips in her hair and a gold nose ring. 

She wears the standard Camelot International uniform for girls: a black jacket with the CIPs logo, a white button-up shirt, a blue or red tie, black knee-length skirt, red stockings with blue stars, and black shoes. She replaces the traditional black stockings for red-and-blue ones, lengthens her skirt to knee-length, and keeps the first two buttons of her shirt unbuttoned. She wears a blue tie which designates that she is a "heroic" destiny. 

Destiny: What's In It? 

What is Her Destiny? 

In the Tale of Scheherazade, there was a murderous Middle Eastern King, who after being betrayed by his first wife, concluded that all women were unfaithful. Every day for three years, he would marry a virgin and kill her after the first night. His brother, King Shahzaman did the same after his wife cheated on him. Until Scheherazade, the Vizier's eldest daughter, married him. At their consummation night, she asked for the assistance of her sister Dunyazad. For 1001 nights, Scheherazade would tell a wondrous tale only to leave it unfinished at dawn. Then the tales would be continued the night after. After the one thousand and first night, Scheherazade begged the King to spare her and their three sons. However, the King had fell in love with her during those 1001 nights and they lived happily ever after, plus his brother married Dunyazad. 

How Does Gulzar Come Into It? 

Gulzar Haghighi is meant to be the next Scheherazade in the tale. Her role is an incredibly important one since the Tale of Scheherazade introduces the rest of the Arabian Nights. Gulzar is a Royal not because she enjoys the role but because she knows that if she refuses her destiny, the destinies of many others are ruined and she is unwilling to let that happen.



Reza Mirza 


Shani Red 


Kohinoor Haghighi



  • Her zodiac sign (Aries) is compatible with her fellow story-mate Reza (Leo).
  • Her trickster nature is implied through her birthday; April Fools! 
  • She has never dated anyone before Shani Red. It's a secret relationship.
  • Her favorite color is orange, shockingly enough.
  • Her theme song is Emo Boy by Ayesha Erotica. Just because I can totally see her screaming "emo boy" to every annoying villain guy to irritate them. 
  • Her given name means "rose garden" in Persian. The meaning of her surname is unknown, however. In a sense, having such an obscure surname refers to how her family serves many fairytales, not just one. 
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