I may be young, but I'm also a woman.
Gwendolyn Darling

Gwendolyn Darling [she/her, they/them] is a 2019-introduced and all-around/fiction-only character. She is the daughter of the original Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, and currently attends Ever After HIgh in her Fourth Year with her younger cousins. She is a Roybel mainly because she just wants to stay in Neverland rather than leave it like her mother did.



Gwendolyn takes after her mother as the eldest of the new group of Darling children as the motherly figure. She is very mature since she was fourteen, yet still a dreamer. Gwen has a very high spirit that can never be broken.


Gwendolyn inherited her mother's look with her fair skin and rosy cheeks. She also has her light brown/tan hair and bright ocean blue eyes. She is slender and has an hourglass figure.



She's done it all her life with her little cousins.

Fairytale – Peter Pan & Wendy

How the Story Goes

Peter Pan

How does Gwendolyn come into it?

After leaving Neverland, Wendy married a man and had Gwendolyn as her only child. She is a Roybel because she wants to stay in Neverland rather than leave it like her mother did.



Wendy Darling

Her mother is the original Wendy Darling from her story. She is a caring, smart, and loving mother towards her daughter. She always told her story about her adventures in Neverland at a young age.


Her father is a wealthy banker man, who died when she was 15 years old. Before he died though, he was a caring and lovable man. It was clear that he loved his family. Gwen was in fact 'daddy's girl' as he spoiled her rotten to the core.

John and Micheal Darling

She loves her uncles. They told her about everything that happened to them in Neverland and the reason why Gwen is a Roybel. Their sons, her cousins are the second and third most precious people in Gwen's life.


Regina Stregone

Together, they make 'The Mothering Squad'. Both girls enjoy taking care of people who may need it. Ginger will sometimes try to direct the care to Gwen without telling her. She does this because she's less mature than Ginger.




Gwen identifies as a lesbian and is a total potato when she's with a girl she likes.

Riley Starkey

They are story mates and Gwen had a crush on her prior of dating Aurélie. They remained good friends to this day.

Aurélie les Mines

Her lovely girlfriend, who spoils Gwen with jewelry. Most of the times, Gwendolyn goes to Aurélie's dorm during the weekends because Juniper is often preoccupied.




  • Her design is based of off the Wendy Darling from Disney's Peter Pan.


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