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Girls can be the hero's of their stories
H.V. Amore Cupid during Legacy Day

H.V.Amore Cupid aka Hedone Voluptas Amore Cupid is the second oldest biological daughter's of Cupid and Psyche.



Being the second oldest (actually 2nd born), Amore has a certain attitude that makes her look very mature. However, she has her own girly moments as well. She loves to party, but is always very responsible.  When it comes to her siblings, she's very caring and always willing to give a hand. 

Amore is also a believer that women and girls should be given more importance and that they should decide their own lives and not blindly follow their destinies.


H - From the Goddess Hedone, from Greek Mythology.

V - From Voluptas, the Roman counterpart of Hedone.

(Both Voluptas and Hedone  were the Goddesses of lust and physical pleasure. Their names meant exactly that.)

Amore -  Comes from the Italian, meaning love


H.V. has long curly bright pink hair with purple highlights. She has red eyes. From all of her siblings (both adopted and not) she looks more like C.A. Cupid. 

Fairytale – (Cupid & Psyche)

How the Story Goes

Cupid & Psyche

How does (H.V. Amore Cupid) come into it?

Although she loves both roles of her father and mother, Eros decided that instead of taking one of those rules, she was more fit to take the role of Venus, in that story. That choice comes from Eros knowing how responsible and regal she is.  Although this was against her grandmother's wishes, H.V. accepted that role gracefully. However, she sides as a Roybel in the destiny conflict, not only because she wants to make some changes in her story (like portraying a less severe Venus) but also because she believes that every girl/woman should be able to decide their own lives and decide to be their own heroes if they want to.



H.V. truly loves her family. From her parents, to her several siblings and the other gods, she loves them all.


Eros - TBA

Psyche - TBA


Cupid as many children, both biological and adopted. H.V. stopped counting her siblings and at one point she stops even caring to even meet them. However, there are a few that held a special place in her heart.

  • Chariclo Cupid  - Chariclo is a sister that she adores and dotes on. Due to her personality, H.V. sees her as a dreamer and cute teddy bear. She's protective of her and most times treats her more like a daughter than a sister, being sometimes strict with her like a mother is supposed to be. Unlike most of her siblings, she isn't "on the hunt" for Dexter Charming. She had warned her sister that her feelings weren't mutual and she doesn't blame Dexter for not reciprocating the feelings since she knows that it's not his fault. If anyone knows how complicated feelings are, it's a Cupid.
  • Amorette CupidFrom all of her siblings, Amorette is the one that H.V. feels that she has to protect the most. They reunited in EAH after some time of no contact. She's happy that her sister found true love, no matter how unusual others may think it is. Amorette also shares her love for fashion. H.V. believes that Amorette deserves more appreciation that she has and will harm anyone who even looks at Amorette in the wrong way.
  • Romeo V. CupidIf there's one sibling controversial in her mind, is Romeo. While when she was young, she adored Romeo and thought that he was the sibling that related to her the most, everything changed years later. She was a great supporter of Romeo's relationship and a fan of his quirky personality, however everything changed when Romeo ended his relationship. That action, caused an enormous disappointment in H.V. who thought that he would fight everyone and everything for the one he loved. After that moment, no one could mention his name without seeing her wild and tormented behaviour. Ever since then, she has no contact with him.


As one of Cupid's children, it's to be expected that she knows a lot of people. Some she get along with while others she doesn't.





H.V. has a female Pegasus named Leda, given to her by her mother.  During Animal calling, a white dove heed her calling. She named her Liebe, meaning "love".


Due to her being the next Venus, her charm is appealing to many people. She has dated several people but none that lasted. She doesn't make it a big issue, believing that she will find the right person for her when the time comes. However, she has a hard time believing in true love when it comes to her.




Being Eros' daughter,  she has powers related to love, like her siblings.  Hers are more directed to couples who just need a little push to see how much they love each other. Unlike C.A. Cupid, she can't make people fall in love. Her powers only work when love is already present between two people.

Aura reading - TBA

Flight - TBA

"Oh curses" moment

"When my powers backfire and make the people too obssessed with each other!"

My "Magic Touch"

"Making people realize that their love is still alive and making them acting on it!"

Colour Scheme

Amore normally wears clothes in the shades of pink, purple and lavender.


Art Lines


Original aka Signature/1st wave

TBA Princess Friend Toddler
TBA Legacy Day
TBA Destined Outfit
TBA Getting Fairest
TBA Hat-Tastic Party
TBA Powerful Princeses Tribe
TBA Ballet
TBA Thronecoming
TBA Way Too Wonderland
TBA School Spirit
TBA Royally Ever After
TBA Dragon Games
TBA Epic Winter
TBA Back to School
TBA Sweet Treats
TBA Date Night
TBA Enchanted Picnic
TBA Mirror Beach
TBA Basic
TBA Comic-Con Exclusive 
TBA Archery Club 
TBA Birthday Ball
TBA Spring Unsprung
TBA Fairest on Ice
TBA Sugar Coated
TBA Through the Woods
TBA Tri-Castle-On
TBA Book Party
TBA Carnival Date
TBA First Chapter aka 2nd Wave
TBA Magical Fashion


Just Sweet
TBA Talent Show
TBA Winter Attire
TBA Beauty Pageant
TBA Heartstruck

Fan Made
Art Line
TBA Student Welcoming Party (by me)
TBA After Ever After (by me)
TBA Halloween Ever After party (by me)


  • TBA


  • "I probably don't. I meet new siblings all the time. Honestly, I no longer keep track." - H.V.'s answer to Daman Insincere when asked if she knows every sibling of hers.
  • "No, Juniper's right. You are one of her favorites. Me and her clash a lot. She thinks that I'm the black sheep of the family...Ha! I wonder what she thinks about Romeo then! Truth is, Amorette, that grandmother doesn't like me that much." - H.V.'s response to Amorette's refusal of being one of Aphrodite's favourite grandchildren.
  • "Are you the responsible for this establishment? If you are, would you be so kind as to let me take my friend's, Daman, place for the rest of his shift? If not, it's okay, I'll just have to phone my nana, who you might have heard about, her name is Venus or Aphrodite, and tell her that you didn't let her granddaughter fulfill part of her destiny and family role." She battered her eyelashes. "So, what will it be? Oh, and just so you know, my nana really dislikes when someone doesn't let her grandchildren follow their destiny! She'll be very upset!" - H.V. using her "nana card" to get what she wants.
  • "Girls can be the Heros, or in this case, Heroines of their own stories!" - H.V. statement during Legacy Day Pledge


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