A Year of Legacy Day

Oh, axes!

Legacy Day is this year and I've been actually thinking about this for eight year EXCATLY. 

What if I don't want to play the character I'm supposed to be in my story? What if I want to change my role and give the story a twist and turn? This is crazy of me, my father expects me to be happy about my destiny, but NOOOOOOOO, I'm not. I bet Ashlynn is excited for Legacy Day. I mean, daughter of Cinderella, what could possibly bother her in her story when SHE MARRIES A PRINCE. But....Ashlynn thinks I'm happy with my destiny and I don't want to tell her anything about this subject. It will upset her, I'm sure. I've heard she opened a shoe store in the Village of Book End, how can my life become any worse!? I tried to open a store for clothes and I got only five dollars from ONE customer, so I shut it down. And now Ashlynn is getting customers and all the good stuff. I mean, why can't I get peoples' attention? 

Chapter One

Okay, so there's this Royal and Rebel thing going on at school and I found out that Ashlynn is a Royal. Yay....Not. Royals are the people who are looking foward for their destiny and Rebels are the ones who are AGAINST their destiny and tradition. I guess I'm a Rebel......Well, I met two new friends today, Penelope Pea, my new roomie, and Darcy Tremaine, the daughter of Drizella from Cinderella and guess what? Ashlynn is acting like Apple White now! She's convicing Darcy to not be like Raven Queen. People say that Raven Queen is evil but I've heard that she's a Rebel. I haven't seen nor met her so I really don't know what she's like. After all, this Royal and Rebel thing started because Raven and Apple have some 'follow your planned destiny' business.

Chapter Two

I met Raven Queen today! :D

She's really different from what people are saying. She's not evil at all but she told me that she can use her powers when she's mad or frustrated. She explained to me why she's a Rebel and I explained my reason, too. Darcy knows Raven too! :D


Chapter Three


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