I live at Mariana's seabed; darkness doesn't scare me.
Halie G. Mare

Halie Gyre Mare is a 2020-introduced and all-around character. He is the son of the sea from various Aesop fables. Halie is known as the pretty boy of Ever After High, and many girls tend to fawn over him. However, he isn't into playing multiple girls. He sides with the Neutrals on the destiny conflict.



Halie is the sweetest person one will ever meet. He has a kind, caring soul with a big heart who always wants to see people smile. He will bake cookies for you and take care of you when you're sick; he will buy you that one gift you really wanted. It hurts him to see people frown, especially the people he cares for, so he's constantly showering them with love and praises. People say he has an approachable aura, possibly due to his infectious smile.

Halie's kindness extends to everyone- from the most powerful emperor to the lowliest peasant. He tends to give the same treatment to everyone he meets, thinking it is unfair and uncalled for to give prejudice for a predisposed opinion. Having being taught to be careful about how he treats other people, Halie is very curious about other people's cultures and ways of life. Due to living in the sea, he has interacted with lots of underwater civilisations, which has given him plenty of experience while approaching more eccentric people.

Creativity is Halie's middle name(it's Gyre but whatever). In contrast to his younger sister, he is quite artistically inclined; it shows whenever he draws a new picture or writes a new song. He comes up with great ideas quite randomly for his thoughts are triggered quite easily. He knows how to think creatively as well, which adds to his high intelligence. He's glad that his grades can still stay up even with his swimming.

As smiley and happy as Halie usually is, he's really disciplined about his work. His serious mode is switched on whenever he goes to the pool to train(and by extension competitions); he's studying for a big test or he's concentrating on an artwork. Halie is highly professional when needed, in addition to being a notorious perfectionist. He'll often need his close family to pull him out of the void he's created.

Halie's perfectionism has often led to him shutting others out to get the best result. Many people are confused at the fact that he looks approachable but really isn't at all, so the amount of friends Halie has is actually very little, and he barely sees them. This takes a huge toll on him, and Halie often feels extremely lonely at times. He smiles at everyone mostly so that they don't feel the same way he does, so that they know they have someone to talk to. Halie has a tendency to bottle up his emotions, which isn't healthy for him.

Most people in Ever After High find out from the moment that theu walk into school to not anger Halie or approach him while he is angry. Halie does not have a short temper, but when he has indeed been pushed to his limits, Halie does have the capability to kill a man. Halie only gets ticked off when the people he cares about are hurt, so the student body generally steer clear of them. However, Halie's anger doesn't last for long; it usually subsides into numbing sadness that racks his entire body.


Halie is often said to be very attractive. He is quite tall, with broad shoulders and a lean figure. He has ash blonde curly hair that flows all the way to his mid-neck and seagreen eyes. His skin is yellowish-brown, almost bronze in appearance. His smile is very pretty. Halie wears glasses.

Hobbies and Interests


Since Halie was a baby, he has been swimming. Halie specialises in the 400m freestyle and the 200m backstroke events, completely dominating his competition every time in the former. Swimming gives him a thrill like none other.

Arts and Crafts



How It Goes

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How Does Halie Fit Into It?

Halie is the sea's elder child, and takes her destiny. His sister Galene takes his mother's other destinies.




The sea is a very powerful figure behind the scenes. Halie and his mom are very close. She was the reason he wanted to swim at all.

Gal T. Mare



Derevo Spirit


Jaiden Wocky


Amorette Cupid







Juniper Wocky

The general public are very surprised by this couple, considering that they're polar opposites. However, Halie is seriously in love with Juni, and she can make him smile at any moment.


Halie doesn't have any pets.


  • Halie is multilingual. He can speak Greek, Turkish, Latin, English and Arabic.
  • Halie's mirrorblog is @haliexgyre


  • Halie is the name of a sea nymph.
    • Gyre is derived from ocean gyres, circular patterns of currents in an ocean basin.
  • Mare means "sea" in Latin.
    • Thalassa means "sea" in Greek. This follows the fanon convention of naming Greek legacies after their parents' Roman counterparts.
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