Han is the Son of the Prince in the Magic Swan.





Han has scruffy, unkempt brown hair and electric blue eyes as well as tan skin. He often wears loose and comfortable clothes whilst still keeping a princely appearance, mainly his crown with a very cheap and obvious swan motif.

Fairy tale

The Magic Swan

Two older brothers abused the youngest son. An old woman advised him to run away. When he did, she told him he should go to a certain tree, where he would find a man asleep and a swan tied to a tree; he should take the swan without waking the man, and everyone would fall in love with its plumage, but when they touched it, he could say "Swan, hold fast" and they would be prisoners. With this, he could make a princess who never laughed to laugh.

He collected a great string of people, and the princess laughed at the sight. The king offered him a choice of land or gold, and he took the land. Then he trapped the princess with the swan and won her as his wife, but the swan flew off.





Han does not actually own a pet but Ace, Liz's patchwork pet cat, is rather fond of him and he is found often taking care of him when she's not around, so he kind of co-owns him now.


He currently is in a relationship with his girlfriend Elizabeth Liddell, whom he is enchantingly in love with and she him. Although he has had many brief relationships with various girls at school, this is his first and only long-term relationship with a girl.




Legacy Day



  • The name "Hansraj" is Sanskirt and means "Swan King". Hans means "Swan"
  • The surname, Young, refers to the fact that his father was the youngest son in his family before he became a Prince.
  • The reason why he was allowed to room with a female is because Headmaster Grimm had heard of Liz's disinterest in males (and assumes she might be leaning towards females) and uses Han as a way for her to like boys again.


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