[1]Can somebody please tell me where the saltines are cause you know.... yeah[2]
Nina the awko tawko
The Nina Bird
Character Profile
Parent Story
Age 12 years lost
Alignment Narrating awkwardly.
Roommate My stupid sisters.
Secret Heart's Desire I just can't wait to turn 16 so I can call on Jared and he'll be there.
My "Magic" Touch I have no magic touch. Unless your talking about being a total clutz. My magic touch is leaning against walls while walking, spinning around, followed by a face plant.
Storybook Romance Status Ummm...... I really don't know what to say, but I am currently in love with Jared, Riley, and, uh, Greg Heffley.
Oh "Curses!" Moments Slipping up in front of boys. *the whole face plant thing*
Favourite Subject English. Anything that will help me fullfill my dream of being an author.
Least Favourite Subject

Eh, Math. Enough said.

Best Friends Forever After Katlyn and Shanon McMullen.

Nina is tha classic nerd figure. But you know... a smexy one.


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Original Characters

Winter Bear, the next bear in Snow White and Rose Red.

Angel White, the next Snow White and Rose Red

Treasure Bear, the next Bear Snow White and Rose Red

Robin Red, the next Rose Red

Phillip Brother, the next King's Son's Brother


Nina is a definite shipper.

  • Derise ~ Daring and Cerise
  • Dexter and Cupid
  • Mad Cat ~ Madelan and Kitty
  • Dizzie ~ Daring and Lizzie
  • Daven ~ Daring and Raven



Canon Characters

The "Good" Days : A series of treacherous one shots.

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