I'm Homiestars, but call me Estella, bc ur my shooting star. I'm tired 24/7 and I procrastinate so much, ppl call me new years resolution because I never complete anything. Look, my EAHsona.


I'm pretty chill, which explains why I'm so bad at returning texts. I blame the Californian inside me. It's totally harshin' my mellow, you know, dude? Gnarly.

My characters


  • Percy Boots: Son of Puss in Boots. Probably eats glue during recess. Don't tell him that.
    • A flirty playboy whose only goal in life is to be the spitting image of his father. Nothing can get in his way.
  • Romeo V. Cupid: Son of the Saucy Boy aka Eros. Draws on the white board with permanent markers. He's drawn a dick with a sharpie and made a cat around it with white board markers. Oh no.
    • Senpai in the streets, hentai in the sheets. Angel faced with morbid tastes.


  • Ryusei Arctic: Son of the Yuki Onna. That one kid that smiles creepily at you whenever he wants a part of your lunch.
    • A technologically advanced student that has contradicting magical ice powers. He can't find the scientific reason behind it. Oh well.
  • Kris Krampus: Son of Krampus. Screamed "IM NOT A FURRY" at the Bookend cafe one day.
    • Fills the hallways with his cannabis. Regrets nothing.
  • Ember O'Lantern: Daughter of the Jack O'Lantern. Tried to color with crayons but they melted before she could.
    • Very shy flameo gal who adores skimpy fashion due to her resistance to heat.


  • Scarlet Anne d'Herblay: Daughter of Three Musketeers. Did a kickflip on a skateboard once and fell over in front of everyone.
    • A strong and quick witted girl with hair full of bravery. Adores sharpening her mind and sword and always available for a surprise match.
  • Harper Golden: Daughter of the Golden Harp. Can quote Austin Powers in Goldmember word for word.
    • Social media and worldwide famous, she settles at EAH for a spell to get an education. Extremely shiny.


  • Bryce Frost: Daughter of Jack Frost. Probably shoved a Lego up her nose one time.
    • Dude bro speak and frosty ramps. An older sister that cares for her siblings and family.

Next Gens

Upcoming Characters

  • Lil E. Aster: Daughter of the Easter Bunny
    • hhhhhHOWDY YALL
    • got the horses in the back
    • dont count ur chickens before they hatch -- you gotta paint them first
    • has powerful legs enough to kick u into next week
  • Chester Hazelnut: Son of the Nutcracker and Sugarplum Fairy
    • Brooding everyday
    • the only ppl who understand me is evanescence
    • wake mE UP
    • can play expert mode on guitar hero

I have a lot more characters but they're nOT DONE

Canon Ships

  • Dizzie (Daring x Lizzie): dang u Epic Winter for messing with my ship
  • Poison Apple (Raven x Apple): their chemistry is so obvious. look at these princess lesbians
  • Brybelle (Briar x Faybelle): more cutie lesbians <3
  • Jilphrey (Jillian x Humphrey): i love contrasted characters....
  • Maddex (Maddie x Dexter): that little frame at the end from The Wish List really got to me otl;;; idk what their official ship name is...
  • Justess (Justine x Duchess): I love the competition between these two~

OC Ships

Dolls I own

Just because it shows how deep I am into the fandom.

  • Raven Queen - Getting Fairest, Basic
  • Cerise Hood - Enchanted Picnic, Hattastic Tea Party
  • Blondie Locks - Enchanted Picnic
  • Cedar Wood - Hattastic Tea Party
  • Duchess Swan
  • Bunny Blanc
  • Mira Shards
  • Justine Dancer
  • Melody Piper
  • Alistair Wonderland
  • Courtly Jester
  • 17 in. Madeline Hatter
  • 28 in, Madeline Hatter
  • Holly O'Hair - Dragon Games
  • Darling Charming - Dragon Games, Basic
  • Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella
  • Nina Thumbbell
  • Farrah Goodfairy
  • Ginger Breadhouse
  • Kitty Cheshire
  • Lizzie Hearts
  • Dexter Charming


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