ILoveRomione is an exceptionally insane 14 year-old with a love of RPing and Fanfiction. Her actual name is Naomi though she prefers being called Mona. Called Cassidy-Leah-Radford on Fanfiction she is usually known for her Duchess/Sparrow works (of which she has written plenty). She is a grammar nazi and has been known to constantly correct people while they're speaking (subsequently annoying the heck out of them).

She is addicted to Ever After High; Sparchess; the internet and fudge (don't forget coffee). She is probably the oddest person on the planet and has a menagerie of words that don't exist in her vocabulary. This aids her weirdness in making it impossible for people to understand her at all. One last thing - she loves to be a know-it-all and her friends often complain about her constant use of the word 'Actually.."

Original Characters

Marissa Jones : Icon-Neutral Daughter of Davy Jones and my main gal with whom I usually roleplay with.

Ember Ella : Icon-Royal Yeah, she's the sister of a canon character. Please don't hate.

Gineva Gvidon : Icon-Rebel Daughter of the prince from the Saltan's Tale (A russian fairytale).

Delilah Gale : Icon-Royal A Daughter of Dorothy with a slight twist.


What Duchess Wanted : My ongoing story all about Duchess Swan and how she percieves the word of Ever After and beyond.

Love Lost : A One-shot set 6 years after Duchess graduates and the rebellion has taken a turn for the worst.

Feathers in Your Mouth : A short, fluffy Sparchess one-shot set before Thronecoming.

Distractions, Distractions : A One-shot in progress requested by a fan on FF (Yep, Dapple)

My EAH Headcanons

  • Apple is secretly insecure about her hair colour and is often ridiculed because of it.
  • Ashlynn has huge feet but wears shoes that conceal this fact because she doesn't want anyone to know.
  • Dexter is Ashlynn's Prince Charming.
  • Cupid and Dexter will end up together once Dexter gets his head out of his a** and realises that there is a girl who knows he exists and likes him just the way he is.
  • Cedar hates the fact that she can't lie and telling a lie is one of her biggest aspirations 
  • Blondie dyes her hair blonde because it is secretly brown (or black).
  • Briar is secretly a rebel and was glad that Legacy Day was cancelled after Raven rebelled because she hadn't yet signed.
  • Kitty has a crush on Cerise and was just trying to get Cerise to 'Let It Go' when she was exposing her secret.
  • Lizzie hates saying 'Off with your head!' and actually finds the idea of chopping people's heads off disgusting.
  • Cedar was cursed to never tell a lie by her grandfather Geppetto so that she could avoid the tragedies that lying brought her father.
  • Daring will fall in love with his mirror and become the next Narcissus.

What I Ship

Top Ships

Sparchess - My OTP to end all OTPs..

Poison Apple - The way Raven looked at Apple in 'Apple's Birthday Bake-Off' and the "Little bit of love" comment started it.

Briar/Hopper - If only Hopper could prove that he was man enough for her *sigh*

Cuter - Is multishipping bad?

Eh Ships

Dexter/Cedar - Like it but it's not as cute as some.

Huntlynn - It's okay but the relationship gave no character developement whatsoever.

Briaven - I could ship this if I didn't ship Rapple.

Madter - Strange, but I've shipped it.

Hopper/Cupid - Pretty cute. If there was fanfiction for this I'd read it.

Never will I ever Ships

Darise - Sorry, but no. Daring is way too much of a jerk.

Dexven - The whole True Hearts Day mixup totally put me off this.

Sparrow/Poppy - Never! Sparrow and Duchess belong together!

Crack Ships

Cerise/Hopper - It just happened.

Maddie/Giles - Yep. 

Apple/Medic Guy - The chemystry.

Dirror - Daring and his mirror. The ship that shall take the world by storm.

Duchess/Hunter -  I don't even know.

Character of the month

Okay, every month I'll choose my favourite character by another person and draw a bust of them. This month (June) I chose Kayla Eternity ; the sassy daughter of Gerda and Kay. So I upgraded my art trade with her owner - MeridithAgnesPoe and she got this bust of Kayla:

Kayla Study

Kayla Eternity by ILoveRomione

Ship of the month

Rapple. The fluffiness is overwhelmingly adorable. Just look at this! Can you not see the chemystry? I must write a fic for them!


Image owned by the original artist


  • Mona loves fudge so much that she would eat all the fudge in the world if she could. Then she would make more and eat that too.
  • Mona is a Virgo, though the label of neat does not apply to her.
  • She is constantly being asked why she bothers reading. She replies that if you don't you end up an imbecile. They then proceed to ask her what an imbecile is.
  • She has two younger brothers who drive her insane. The youngest has hit her with a tennis racket. The eldest with a hockey stick.
  • Maths is Mona's forte. It's her favourite subject even though her maths teacher is the most boring one she's ever had.
  • She has three dogs. Brandy, Whiskey and Digger (Bet you expected another one named after alcohol)
  • She has zero volume control and is often told to just shut up. It doesn't work tough; even her whisper can be heard from a mile away.
  • She has about 13 different laughs; all of which are just as strange as the last.
  • She hates the ammount of hate in the Ever After High Fandom and firmly believes that people should be able to ship what they want to ship.
  • She lives in the country that most people (That she's met)  think has lions roaming the street and no TV
  • She's serious abou the no TV one. She went on a school exchange program to England and one teacher asked if she owned a TV. She felt like slapping the woman.
  • She enjoys derping about crack ships (she ships Cerise/Hopper and Maddie/Giles)
  • She drank 6 cups of coffee before coming up with this page.
  • She has made a commitment to make everyone on this wiki ship Dirror. She plans to take over the world afterwards.
  • She knows the funky chicken.


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