Icy Snow
Character Profile
Parent Story The snow queen
Alignment Rebel Icon-Rebel
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Chapter 1

Ugh, just got off the phone to mom, aka the snow queen, or as I call her, someone who wont listen! She heard all about legacy day. Not that im bothered, to be honest, I don't look forward to being the next snow queen, I mean, my twin sister stormy frost isn't happy about her destiny either as she is the next father frost.

Anyway, mommy dearest had a right go at me down the phone, she said she hoped I wasn't rebelling as well before going on about the path of being a snow queen before I hung up, more like freezing my mirror phone and smashing it by mistake, now im stuck saving up for a new one....

Well, I am rebelling, I didn't tell mom, she would rant more then, and I think I will go deaf then.... how does flame block mine and cloves music out?

One thing is for sure, I need a new outfit....

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