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Ida Myddrin is the oldest daughter of Merlin and is currently attending Ever After High. On the destiny conflict, she stands as a Roybel, as she doesn't really like the aspect of being a mentor of sorts and instead wishes to be more of an adventurer and a travelling wizard. She will of course help on Camelot, but doesn't plan on living there her whole life.



On the outside, Ida is bubbly and active, always looking for new friends and adventures. She loves trying out new things, even though she doesn't go all the way through them.

There's a hidden sideto her that only her brother Andreas knows about, and it is that she is never trully happy and her eagerness to always change is because she has lost her passion and interest on life overall. Ida has lots of trouble sharing her true feelings and tends to conceal them, thinking it is for the better.


Ida has ebony hair with a blue ombre. She has sky blue eyes and stands at about 5'7" or 170 cm

Fairy tale – Arthurian Mythos

How the Story Goes

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How does Ida come into it?

Before the whole Vivienne/Turning into a tree fiasco, Merlin fell in love and married an unknown woman whom he had twin children with. The eldest, Ida, meant to become the next Merlin, and the youngest, Andreas, which would bear another unknown destiny related to his mother.

Shortly after the twins were born, the mother dissappeared without a trace. Merlin never lied to them about her whereabouts, but he didn't really disclose anything about her to his children. This especially affected Andreas, because he was left on the dark about his destiny.

The twins, being children of Merlin, were very talented on the magical area, especially Ida. The two would usually train side by side, but it was obvious there was a diference, both in power and discipline. Ida would master the spells easily and without much effort, so she would usually slack off on her lessons, meanwhile, Andreas would focus profusely on his work, but still got the same results as his sister.



Merlin Myddrin (Father|Unknown):

Andreas Myddrin (Twin Brother|Alive):

Lunete Midnight (Mother|Alive?):



  • Gizmo: A pet rabbit she won at a fair, she loves making the basic hat trick with him. He is clearly unimpressed.


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Very punk rock vibes. Also, lots of astrology and astronomy accessories, focusing mostly on the moon.


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