IdioticPerfectionist is a noob artist and a user in Ever After High Fandom Wikia. She prefers to be called Yomi or just Gorj (cause that's what most people call me xd) She is 19 years old and is the daughter of a spoon addict. She is born in the Philippines and is a proud Filipina!


Yomi is a girl who is addicted to asian stuff. She is 100% asian and is proud of it. She wouldn't care if someone was being racist to her about her being asian. She is addicted to ramen, too.

Addicted To and Such

She is addicted to all asian things. She loves ramen, especially. She is also addicted to Vocaloid, Anime, J-Rock and K-Pop.

Another thing she is addicted to is colouring stuff pastel. She dyed her hair in various pastel colours and even her own dog.


She has light brown skin, like any Filipino you see these days. She has long black hair which is straight and is usually dyed at the ends in different colours. She loves to wear baggy clothing and oversized tees with leggings and such. She hates it when people around her are wearing short shorts and tank tops that show their stomachs.

If I went to Ever After High

Fairy Tale - Pinnochio

If GorjesterMaster belonged to a fairy tale, it would be Pinnochio. She tells at least 70 lies per day.

My OCs

These are GorjesterMaster's OCs.


Frost Queen - Daughter of The Snow Queen


Yoru Momo - Son of Momotaro


Nazo Hime - Daughter of Princess Kaguya

My Ships

Madgustus - Maddie and Arcus's Augustus - Extreme

Dizzie - Daring and Lizzie - Extreme

Yorazo - Yoru and Nazo - EXTREME

Dexpid - Dexter and Cupid - Severe

Darise - Daring and Cerise - Mild

Hushlynn - Hunter and Ashlynn - Severe

Kitzie - Kitty and Lizzie - Mild

Sparrchess (Idek if that's right) - Sparrow and Duchess - Extreme

Huntrise - Hunter and Cerise - Mild

Brypper - Briar and Hopper - Extreme

NarratorShip - Female Narrator and Male Narrator - Severe

Yagiles - Headmaster Grimm and Madame Yaga - Extreme

Harshlynn - Harry (Clawdeen Ghoul) and Ashlynn xD - Extreme

Blondistair -  Blondie and Alistair - Severe

Razzle - Flamette's Thistle and Ratty - Extreme


  • Can speak 8 different languages
  • Can front flip and back flip
  • Is a pegasister but prefers to be called brony.
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