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Ignace L'Element is the son of Prince Flame from The Invisible Prince, a French fairy tale appearing in Andrew Lang's Yellow Fairy Book. He is one of the Elemental Quartet.



Ignace is about 5'8", with long red hair and red eyes. He wears a fancy red and orange jacket and red pants with orange stripes on the sides. Around his head is a diadem decorated with fire opals.


Ignace is a lively fellow with a vivid imagination. He has a lot of crazy ideas for school projects - one such idea is a fire-powered radio (which didn't go well with the staff). He is the leader of his cousins, and he can be a little bossy at times. He is a fan of watching movies, shopping, going to concerts, and lighting fireworks (he is a self-described pyromaniac). He and his cousins do not take any side in the destiny conflict.

When Ignace is angry, fire spews out of his eyes and mouth.


Ignace has the power of fire. He is heat-resistant and can travel freely through fire and lava. He is able to use his powers to grill food without an oven. He can also write using fire.



Ignace lives with his father and mother in the Palace of Flames, which is located on a volcano in the middle of an island in the south seas. The island is called Andiron Island and is home to a great city inhabited by fire fairies. The center of the city is home to a great temple dedicated to the god Vulcan, said to be the protector of the city.


Ignace is friends with his cousins Dimitri, Morgan, and Corentin.



  • Ignace's surname means "the element" in French.
  • Ignace has a pet salamander named Pele. She is named after the Hawaiian fire goddess. Pele is not an ordinary salamander, but a legendary salamander - the salamanders in the legends of old were lizard-like creatures that resisted flames. This type of salamander is indigenous to Ignace's homeland.

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