Beauty and a Beast

All my life I've been confused. You see, I'm destined to become the next Princess in the Coffin. I've been told I'm a princess, and been raised to be one, but it doesn't click. I've been kept isolated my entire life but I feel that it's been to keep me in. Although I'm apparently as beautiful as a princess, I'm nothing like the 'Beauty' I've read about. In fact, I fit the 'Beast' much better. So like a beast, I wanted OUT. And I got out.

Then I joined Beast High.

Chapter One

Everything on the outside is different, to what I imagined, and what I've known. My first day at Beast High was nothing like I expected.

The first thing the teacher said to me as I entered the classroom was 'Who the hell are you trying to be'. I could hear the snickers from the back. I suppose it must have looked ridiculous, me walking in, wearing a princess gown.

'Nothing, Sir, except myself' I replied. Howls of laughter accompanied this. The teacher turned sneeringly to the class. 'Sir, she said. Get a load of miss beauty here.'

I kept a straight face. I mean it's only humiliating if you want it to be. Besides, I can change.

The class began. First class happened as normal. Simple villain tricks. However when second period arrived, it caught me somewhat off guard. You see, in every story with a beast, it dies, losing to the hero. I mean Self preservation makes sense, but I had thought everyone in the outside had accepted fate. The longer the school day went on, the more obvious it became that the beasts weren't just satisfied with their story. They were seriously planning to flip the script, and win.


First Period- General Villainy

Second Period- Self Preservation (would be useful, except I die)

Third Period- Crook's cant

Fourth Period- Fighting dirty

Fifth Period- Intimidation

Sixth Period- Final victory training

Chapter two

Fitting in was surprisingly simple. I guess being several heads taller than everyone else is a useful bonus.

I know I'm cursed and all but somehow I expected it to be less... itchy. After a few days, this short girl with a shaved head came smirking over to me.

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