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Ione Lanymphe is the daughter of Liriopa from The Knights Errant, a fairy tale novella by Madame d'Auneuil.



Ione is of average height, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a white Greek-inspired dress. In her hair is a garland of multicolored flowers.


Ione is active and energetic, and loves to run. She can run as swiftly as a deer, and she often travels through the woods on her swift feet. She is charming and coquettish, and loves to flirt.



Ione lives with her mother Liriopa on Desideria's isle. Since nymphs are a female-only race, her mother mated with an enchanter, which was how she came to be.


Ione is a close confidante of Casilda Desirs and she spends a lot of time with her. She is also quite close with Alidor Grenadier. She knew Alidor since both of them were little since Elmedorus and Alzayda have a cabin on Desideria's isle.


Ione is enemies with Severine Papillon because Severine tries to interfere with Ione's relationship with her boyfriend.


Ione is dating Anthime Zinzolantin.


  • Ione's surname means "the nymph" in French.
  • Ione is not related to Philomene Lanymphe.
  • Ione is named after a sea nymph from Greek mythology.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Kate Higgins.

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