Irene Tin is the daughter of the Tin Man from the story The Wizard of Oz.


Irene is kind and caring, but hopes to find love. Irene can be a little pessimistic in that she feels she lacks a heart. Irene likes to help out and is very protective of her friends.


Irene has steel grey hair with oil black streak done with bangs and an off the side look. She also has grey eyes and very pale skin. A black and grey off-the-shoulder top and a grey skirt. Irene wears grey stockings and dark grey heels.




Parents Story

The Wizard Of Oz




Crowlin Scares

​Secret Heart's Desire

To have a heart.

My "Magic" Touch

I have anaxe my dad gave me

My Storybook Romance

I just want to know what love is one day.

​My "Oh Curses!" Moment

I have urges to chop down trees.

Favorite Subject

Cooking Class-ic is fun, I can make a mean apple turnover.

​Least Favorite Subject

Grimm-nastics, sometimes my joints lock up.

Best Friend Forever After

Alexis Liddell  and Doralynn Gale



Alexis Liddell and Ginger Cookies


A talking apple sapling named Zinc is always by my side, even though he sometimesflings fruit at me.