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Iris-Vivienne Madden (more commonly referred to by the nickname Ivy) is the next Snow Maiden from “the Snow Maiden” (or Snegurochka). Though she’s destined to melt in her story, Ivy is more preoccupied with keeping up appearances in her daily life instead of her future, and hence is a neutral.


Ivy was born a snow doll molded by Ded Moroz for this generation’s retelling of “The Snow Maiden”, and given life by Mother Spring. After Ivy was made, she was delivered by Ded Moroz to a suitable family in Russia.

The Madden family were understandably surprised to find Grandfather Frost at their doorstep, but quickly adjusted when he explained that it was time for them to raise the next Snow Maiden (after all, they did attend Ever After High on a Charming family's sponsorship.)

They brushed the snow off the baby's face, looked at her big brown eyes and felt that they could grow to love the child like she was their own.

Ivy was a good kid and grew up with the boisterous confidence and naivety of a pampered child. Her elderly parents lived near the extended family, and she was constantly adored by her legions of aunts, uncles and cousins. Furthermore, Ivy was blessed with an endearing appearance and energy to spare, which contributed to her general lovability.

Spellementary School
However, as this is a fictional world, and the driver thrives on 3 Cs: coincidences, contrivances and conflicts, the Madden family relocated to Switzerland due to career reasons.

It so happens that there’s actually a legacy from “The Ice Maiden” living in that town: Odette Müller, the next Babette. Popular, intelligent, and really terrified of destiny, like the most well-known legacy of her namesake, Odette was destined to live a miserable life because of the Ice Maiden.

There wasn't anything that differentiated Ivy from others, except for her coincidental similarities to the other winter themed maiden legacy, but that was enough. As kids are wont to do when they've encountered something they're not used to, they distanced themselves from her. They laughed at her, and talked about her. This dislike was further spurred by their desire to "protect" Odette.

As a kid, Ivy didn't understand the full extent of her peer's dislike and discomfort around her, and as such, remained as cheerful and unapologetic as she was. However, as time passes, she realised the discrepancies between how others treated her and their peers.

After the realisation, the loud and boisterous girl became quiet and withdrawn. The persistently quiet voice in her head which insisted that "no one liked her" now became a constant barrage, and she listened.

Ever After High
Something people don’t know is that Ivy is pretty smart. When she was 12, her parents applied to EAH’s grade acceleration program, and she entered EAH a year early.

Nervous and eager to start a new life, and coming into puberty (with all the hormones predisposed to spur teens into dramatics), Ivy was determined to not be disliked by anyone in high school, and tried to put on a facsimile of her childhood self.



Hi I’m Ivy and I like warm hugs!
On first impression, one might think that Ivy fits the “Ever After Maiden” stereotype to a tee. The next Snow Maiden is cheerful, friendly and energetic, and though she can get a little too boisterous, it is obvious that Ivy is as transparent as they come. After all, how can someone so endearing have any hidden sides?

Well, that’s the image Ivy tries to portray at least.

The next Snow Maiden, like most of her predecessors, has a strong desire to fit in with her peers and be accepted. Hence, it was to no surprise that Ivy was badly affected by her experience in spellementary school and the period of social isolation.

She learnt that she hated the idea of being rejected, and when this thought is taken to the extreme, the result is that Ivy’s constantly on guard about what people think and feel about her. Hence, she has a tendency to snoop around when she thinks that people are gossiping about her. From lingering footsteps nearby, turning the sound of her mirror phone down with her earphones in, to outright recording conversations in the moments when she leaves the room, it is safe to say that the maiden is downright paranoid about the opinions of others.

Ivy also has a proclivity to be a pushover and follow the opinions of the masses due to her fear of rejection. She is usually socially adept enough to identify the crowd’s opinions and refrains from saying ideas that contradict them (there’ll be no hot takes coming from this kid). This results in Ivy’s lack of personal opinions, and the next Snow Maiden is therefore hextremely indecisive.

This is why Ivy becomes really anxious when she’s separated from people she trusts (though it‘s difficult to tell that from the front she maintains). Ivy worries that her image comes across as too bratty to strangers, but thinks that she is far more unlikable if she relapses to the way she acted in Spellementary school. Ironically, Ivy's social anxiety causes her to overthink interactions to the point of acting impulsively, which causes her to appear as if she doesn't care about others and say/do things she regrets when she's alone.

This cycle of overthinking and making mistakes drives Ivy's perpetual self-doubt, and that slowly erodes her confidence and worsens her self-image. Her compulsive need to tell white lies to protect her self-image also compounds and becomes increasingly difficult for Ivy to keep track of who she is.

The truth is, Ivy is aware that she’s trying too hard to be likeable and energetic, and knows that her method of concealing the parts of herself she deems unlikable is unhealthy. In a way, the fanatic grins and bouncy pep in her footsteps have become masks for her to hide behind, which is why she feels like her insecurity is shown to the world when she removes the gloves, as a matter of speech.

One reason why it is so easy for Ivy to put on a ”happy” act or be aware of social currents and/or herself is because the maiden is pretty intelligent. Ivy is a relatively smart kid and is adapt at adjusting to situations as well as appearing unflappable. If she had stayed in Russia, Ivy could’ve grown into a well-adjusted person who’s extremely confident and low-key bratty.

The irony is that Ivy is hextremely touch-starved and badly wants contact with people, yet she does not trust others enough to let them see pass her facade.


Ice skating/ Making Snow angels

Ivy doesn’t let herself have niche hobbies and conforms herself to popular culture and/or Winter hobby stereotypes. Ice skating is one of the few Winter Trope sports that she genuinely enjoys.

Mind you, she's not good at it, but she likes the speed she can travel at, as well as suddenly the feeling of coming to a sudden stop and skidding snowflakes at others.

As a being made of snow, Ivy tends to enjoy frolicking in the material. Forming snow angels is just a side effect.

Walks in the woods

Ivy feels a lot more at ease when she's alone, since she doesn't automatically worry about the opinions of other folks. Thus, the girl has taken to walking in the Enchanted Forest in the early morning or late evening when there’s the least heat, and truly enjoys her time to herself.


Snegurochka is a doll made of snow molded to look like a Russian girl with fair skin and blue eyes, However, as time went on, Grandather Frost’s and Mother Nature’s skills with manipulating snow increased, and like some artists, they decided to diversify their portfolio. Hence, Ivy naturally has black hair and brown eyes.

On the other hand, the girl in question colours her hair (magically) platinum blonde with blue highlights and wears oversized false lashes; this is because she read in a trashy magazine that blondes with big eyes tend to appear more endearing, and that dyed hair shows that you’ve an interesting personality.

  • Ivy often forgets to touch up on her roots though

There’s also a light shimmer on her body when she appears in the sun from the layer of permafrost which prevents her from from melting in heat. At 14, Ivy is much shorter than the other EAH students (to be fair, it is unlikely that she’ll grow taller in the future given that she's made of snow).

Fairy tale – Snegurochka

Full text: The Snow Maiden

How the Story Goes

Many years ago, there lived a old Russian peasant couple who did not have a child, even though they yearned for one. One cold winter's day, they decided to make a child of snow. To their surprise, the child became a beautiful little girl who grew rapidly.

The girl was amiable and pleasing, and all who encountered her fell in love.

The village girls and boys were frequent visitors to (the home); they played, read, and sang with the Snow Maiden, who understood it all thoroughly, and did her best to amuse all around her.

She talked, laughed, and was altogether so cheerful and good-natured, that everybody loved her dearly (...)

Excerpts taken from “the Snow Maiden”

After winter, the Snow Maiden grew increasingly sadder as the seasons passed.

One day in summer, a group of girls invited the Snow Maiden to play in the woods. As a game, they built a small fire and took turns jumping over it.

Yet, when it was the Snow Maiden's turn, she evaporated into a small cloud when she's halfway over the fire.

  • Some retellings write that Snegurochka was the daughter of Ded Moroz (also known as Grandfather Frost) and Mother Spring.

How does Ivy come into it?

As the Snegurochka of this retelling, Ivy was created by Grandfather Frost and Mother Spring. As mentioned in the history section, Ded Moroz left Ivy with her intended parents. He does occasionally drop in to visit the child, but ever since the Madden family moved to Switzerland, his visits have decreased. Mother Spring adores Ivy and regularly gives her presents. She was heartbroken when she noticed her child’s drastic change in pre-teens.

Ivy’s views on her story

With the regular visit of two Russian mythological figures as well as painful looks her relatives occasionally give her, it was easy for Ivy to pierce together the fact that her story wouldn't end well. (The various copies of "Snowflake" and similar stories helped her deduction too)

Truthfully, Ivy is terrified of dying and copes with the fact by planning to leave only good memories behind when she disappears. This partially drives her fear of being disliked, as she doesn't want negativity about her character to be part of her legacy.


  • like Snegurochka, Ivy craves love and companionship - to the extent where she's willing to risk her (mental) stability
  • The stories mention multiple times that the Snow Maiden was cheerful and bright, much like Ivy acts in public.

Name Parallels: the role is commonly known as a Snow Maiden, and Madden sounds like Maiden. Iris-Vivienne shortens to Ivy, which sounds similar to ice.


  • Ivy doesn’t study and still gets great results because she’s that sorta unexpected genius
  • In a way, this song represents Ivy’s arc! At the end of her arc, she’s unaffected by others’ opinions, and is truly icy.
    • on that note, I just realised that her public image has a strong Yuna vibe?? wild.
  • Ivy only has one pose in pictures asdhljk (headcanon from Hidden). It’s the double peace signs!
  • She has a terrible sense of humour and prefers cynical jokes.
  • In a real world au, Ivy would be a mixed Harbin Russian-Chinese! Her grandfather (Ded Moroz) would be a Russian who lives in Harbin, while her grandmother (Mother Spring) would be a native Chinese from Shanxi
    • Harbin is geographically close to Russia and the city has a strong Russian influence —culture and history wise!
    • 厚土娘娘 “Hòutǔ Niángniáng” or “Lady Mother Earth” is a Chinese deity who was first worshipped by “Emperor Wen of Han” in modern day Shanxi.
  • Ivy goes by a variety of nicknames: Ivy, Iris, Rissy, Vivienne, Viv, Vivy, etc. She doesn't mind the various combinations people have called her, except "Iris-Vivienne" – it makes her feel like she's scolded

Specific things she likes:

  • Sticking her tongue to a popsicle and trying to pull it off. Since Ivy is made of snow, there’s a danger of actually failing. Even so, she has no pain receptors and can easily make a new tongue from snow.
    • Ivy's surprisingly good at crafting body parts
  • cold jokes, but especially those of the morbid variety.

Specific things she hates:

  • Heat, because she gets sorta melty and light-headed
  • Being thrown into unexpected social situations. It’s terrifying and she’ll literally freeze on the spot as a way to escape the situation.

The trivia section gets more meta

Fanfiction Appearances


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