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Iseul Soo (she/her) is a 2019-introduced and all around character.

Whenever I see someone... less buff than I... and let's face it! Who isn't! Less buff than I?

Fact or Fiction?: Iseul Soo

Written by Oma Boulos

Quirky. Loud. Gay.

All of these are words that aptly describe Iseul Soo. A girl that boasts about being our school’s first draconian surfer, she’s somehow both sociable and unpopular. Is her forceful personality to blame? Or is it something else entirely? I, being an intrepid reporter, decided to find out.

My dear readers, this… is Fact or Fiction?, and today, we’ll dive into the depths of this fascinating girl.

All About Iseul

Personality: One Dynamite Dragon!

Despite the many facets of Iseul’s personality, it’s hard to act as though any single one of them are ambiguous. Say what you want about this girl, but there’s no denying the fact that she wears her heart on her sleeve. What you see is very much exactly what you get.

But what is it you’re getting? Is that what you’re asking, dear readers? Well, I’m happy to let you in on the truth about Iseul!

What you might notice first about her is her sheer overconfidence. It almost seems to leak out of her, as if she were a busted faucet. She has a lot of pride in both herself and her status as a ‘dragon’, which is probably something you shouldn’t question in her general vicinity. No one could accuse Iseul of lacking faith in who she is.

Another aspect of her is her friendliness. When she’s around her friends, you can tell that she cares very deeply for their wellbeing. Does that make her a considerate individual? Not really! (Sorry, Iseul.) But it does mean that she’ll stick up for them and love them through thick and thin. Besides, only the most unusual of the unusual tend to hang around her, so there’s no doubt in my mind that her attitude is appreciated by them.

While Iseul may not be popular because of the forcefulness of her personality, can anyone really fault her for being so assertive? She’s a determined, loud person with a lot on her mind, even if it doesn’t always make sense right away when you hear it. Many words can be used to define her qualities, but cowardly isn’t one of them; if there is something that she can do, Iseul Soo will do it. Doesn’t that make her someone we can all learn from?

Now, if you’re familiar with her, you might be aware that the poor girl is prone to… excessive bouts of sentiment. All that affection has to be channeled somehow, right??? Over the course of her schooling here, she’s fallen for a slew of girls, each one different in their own way. Will she ever find The One, or is she doomed to never have her feelings returned? I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next!

She may not be academic, or the best at reading people, but I think we can all agree that Ever After High would be a quieter place without this dynamic surfer!

Interests: What do Imoogi do for Fun?

Since she’s precisely the type to be open about her interests, it was child’s play to get insight on Iseul’s hobbies! Of course, I had to sit through her rambling about her friends’ interests too, but no price is too big when it comes to my articles! Read on for the juicy scoop!


The self-proclaimed Surfing Queen herself, Iseul’s well known for doing this and absolutely nothing else!

Please say psych... :(

(Just kidding!)

Yay!!! O(≧∇≦)O

Jokes aside, surfing is hardly the most popular sport here; it hardly ever factors into the stories people try their best to fulfill. However, the few people who are interested in it have kept the tradition of local competitions alive. Iseul often puts herself forward as the first draconian surfer at EAH, and by all existing records, it seems she very well could be!

She’s currently participated in 10 separate official competitions, and placed in 6 of them! While she’s hardly a natural, there’s no denying her enthusiasm for the sport and her talent. Keep up the good work, Miss Soo!

Playing the Guitar

If you go outside on the weekends, there’s a chance that you might hear some magical music.

… And then there’s the chance you might hear Iseul playing the guitar.

Wow! Harsh! \\٩(๑`^´๑)۶//What’d I ever do to you, huh?!?

Committed to learning how to play the instrument, she purchased an acoustic guitar solely for the purpose of, and I quote, ‘wooing the ladies’. It obviously isn’t working, but hey! A+ for effort!

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Oma, please… Have mercy…

Watching Celebrity Reality TV Shows

Her least infamous guilty pleasure has to do with keeping up with a very glitzy celebrity family!

As you all know, I’m all about the truth. I go gaga over it! And I can say, without a doubt, that Iseul makes a habit out of watching reality TV show episodes in a friend’s room every Wednesday. Why, she told me so herself!

Unfortunately, I still have no clue what motivates her to watch the adventures of the fabulously wealthy so closely. Is it envy? Admiration? It’s hard to figure out. All I know for sure is that she’s hooked, and there’s no way she’s stopping soon!

And why WOULD I? They’re all so fun! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Appearance: Horned Beauties Apply Here!

Once again, you all know me! You know my main talent is sniffing out stunning individuals. And, hey, if you’re into muscles, sharp teeth, and horns, Iseul Soo is the very definition of a knockout!

No one’s ever seen her natural hair color because she’s so fond of dying it! From magenta to a mess of blues, she’s nothing if not flashy. However, her main look involves tying it all back in a messy ponytail. What can I say? It’s adorable and suits her!

And then there’s her figure. There’s no denying that Iseul is fit. Her body type’s a mix of muscular and chubby, which means she’s super good at hugs. Apparently, surfing makes for quite the workout! Maybe it’s all the swimming???

As you may know, Iseul’s slowly turning into an Imoogi, which is absolutely, definitely, 100 percent a Korean dragon, no matter what naysayers and other Imoogi might say to the contrary. Since she’s mere months away from completing her metamorphosis, her more… inhuman traits are impossible to ignore! Her shiny horns and sharp teeth match her claw-like nails well. According to her, the scales are supposed to grow in last. I, for one, can’t wait to see that happen!

If those facts don’t captivate you, her gorgeous brown eyes and nice tan are sure to draw you in! If they don’t? Well, you clearly have poor taste. Why, yes, I am the picture in the dictionary under the word ‘objectivity’. The truth is that Iseul’s a cute girl and there’s no way to be subjective about it because said cuteness is a fact.

A Look Into Her Tale

Legends about the Imoogi are extremely hard to find for no good reason at all, but after a ton of digging and a few miracles, I was finally able to piece together the role Iseul’s supposed to play in life!

Which is, to say, not much of one at all.

In its purest form, the legend involves a girl blessed by a benevolent sun god. With a mark on her shoulder depicting the very creature she was destined to become, the transformation is meant to come to fruition on her 17th birthday. Beyond that, Imoogi can look forward to living in water or caves, and being extremely lucky. Other accounts concerning them argue relentlessly about their fate, and can only agree on their kind natures.

Despite these stories, Iseul still hasn’t finished transforming yet, even though she’s way past her 17th birthday. In reality, the process is more of a ‘17 years and a few months’ kind of deal. Leave it to legends to round up numbers!

Relationships: Hopeless Crushes, Close Friends, and Peculiar Mysteries: Oh My!

Luckily, it was a simple task to track down most of her friends! Unluckily, most of them refused to comment, or were simply unavailable. However, I’m hardly deterred by something as inconsequential as ‘disapproval’, so keep reading to find out more about her rare interactions with people.

The Besties in Training

As she mentioned in her various talks with me about both Elwood Silverstone and herself, Iseul has a tendency of ranking her friends. While people like Serenity Charming are seen as her True Forever Goldenhearted Besties For Life™ (her words, not mine), her other close friends are viewed as ‘besties in training’, which means they’re close to her, but not close enough to earn the ultimate honor (yet!) of being known as True Forever Goldenhearted Besties For Life™.

These four individuals are Virgil Dextrum, Elysian Charming, Dante Sinistrum, and Beatrice Miller. Why Iseul chose to befriend three people who are strongly connected to The Girl Without Hands and a fourth person who probably should have also been part of the same tale is really beyond me. To make matters worse, none of them were willing to or available for comment, except for Elysian. While I’d love to include their interview, I was unable to locate a German Sign Language translator in time.

However, when I get around to their profiles, I’ll be sure to include Iseul’s in-depth opinion on her friends! (At least she won’t be busy with artwork or ‘politely’ close the door in my face.)

Serenity Charming (best friend)

Yes, she gets her own section.

Being the only one who was available for an interview, and having earned her place as the only one of Iseul’s True Forever Goldenhearted Besties For Life™ whose existence can be proven, it’s what she deserves!

Me: Hi, Serenity! Do you have a sec?

Serenity: Oh! Oma! Of course I do! Are you writing another one of your funny articles?

M: Yup! You know me. Always working!

S: Good on you! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to write profiles and try to interview everyone at this school. How do you do it?

M: Perseverance, trust, and a crap ton of metaphorical pixie dust. … Wait a minute! I’m interviewing you, not the other way around! *laugh*

S: *giggle* Oops! My bad! Who’s this about?

M: Iseul Soo. What’s your relationship like?

S: Oh! Why, she’s my best friend! I was wondering when you’d get around to her. It feels like it’s almost been a year since you posted that you were writing her page!

M: Y-Yeah, that was my bad really. Kinda overestimated my ability to snag interviews with people here. Mind telling me more?

S: Well, like I said, we’re best friends. We’re super close! I go to, like, all of her competitions, and we watch shows together whenever we can. I don’t think I can name a more supportive person in my life than her, and I’m a Charming!

M: How did you two meet?

S: Dragon Slaying. I ‘saved’ her, and we’ve been having fun ever since!

M: Is there anything you’d like to say about her that you’ve never said to her personally?

S: Uh… I don’t think there’s anything I could say that she hasn’t heard from me before. I’m not the sort to keep my feelings to myself after all! We love each other and that’s the truth!

M: Awww, how inspiring! I hope my readers will love your friendship as much as I do!

S: Oh, I hope so too! Is that all, Oma?

M: Yup! I’m nothing if not brief.

S: *giggle* Alright then! Have a nice weekend!

M: You too, Serenity! You too.

Unlike Iseul, Serenity Charming is extremely popular, so it’s refreshing to see that their bond is a true one. I have no clue what shows they might watch together, but I hope they have a lot of fun! I also hope Iseul knows how lucky she is to have Serenity for a True Forever Goldenhearted Bestie For Life™.

I DO know (ㅅ´ ˘ `)!!! If you’re reading this, Serenity, I love you!!!

Awww, love you too!

Azra Olwen (object of her affections)

Having feelings for Azra Olwen isn’t exactly unique. However, the notion that they’re friends is a bit… unusual. Surely someone as famous as the ballet dancer herself wouldn’t even bother with our beloved surfer!

Despite Iseul’s belief that they’re destined to be together, Azra herself refused to comment on anything pertaining to the Imoogi, perhaps because she’s busy preparing for a performance. I let her be, but if her answer changes, I’ll be sure to let you know, dear readers!

Elwood Silverstone (local legend)

Even though I know Elwood exists, and maintains a truly beautiful friendship with Iseul, it’s still impossible to get an interview with him. Bummer.

Anyway, Iseul claims they’re extremely close, and I’m inclined to believe her! It’s a shame I can’t hear his own personal opinion of her though. Fingers crossed that I can update this section (and his own page!) with more concrete evidence one day.

Marmion Erz (????)

… Oddly enough, I couldn’t find any record of this kid existing. Iseul mentions him a lot in vague terms, but it’s impossible to find any information on him otherwise.

Obviously, I can’t question someone I can’t find, so there’s no interview for this section either. If you have any information about Marmion, feel free to email me! Much obliged.

To Conclude

In conclusion, Iseul Soo’s a mess of a person. She’s out there and in your face, but there’s one thing she has that a lot of us could benefit from: heart. Whether she’s riding on a wave or comforting a friend, she’s always giving it her all!

I think that there’s a lot we can learn from someone like her, even if she’s not part of a big tale. After all, neither am I, and look how influential I am!

Thank you for reading Fact or Fiction?, and have a nice day!


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Iseul Soo is the very definition of a hard person to like.

If one is being subjective, they might describe her as sweet to those she gets along with. She’s definitely the extroverted type, but that doesn’t make her good at socializing with others. To her, everyone is a potential companion, a view that isn’t reciprocated by most of the student body. Being around her tends to be extremely draining.

Since she’s not good at social interaction, she’s very clingy. If one of her friends makes a new friend, she’ll often try to insert herself into the relationship to avoid feeling left out. She also hates leaving other people out, which makes the situation doubly unpleasant in her eyes. Her success rate, however, is abysmally low.

Additionally, Iseul is very overconfident. Not only is she vocal about her (incorrect) belief that she is a dragon, but she sees herself as more talented than she actually is. For example, she has a baffling delusion that her driving skills are above average, even though her license is perilously close to being revoked. The same view extends to her perception of her guitar playing, flirting, and tracking prowess.

Iseul is very much not an intellectual. She relies on the help of others to pass her classes, even if she has to pester them into doing so. Her tendency to daydream during lessons has a direct correlation to her poor grades. Truth be told, she’s adopted a ‘go with the flow’ mentality, one that hasn’t suited her well in life.

Her assertiveness can be dangerous to be on the receiving end of. While she’s hardly malicious, Iseul wields a deadly combination of determination and exuberance that can be hard to argue with. A very stubborn person, if she thinks you should do something, you probably will.

Her main crimes are eccentricity and bad judgment. Her track record of crushing on genuinely awful girls and being blind to their faults means that a lot of them take advantage of her naivety and general desire to please them. There’s nothing inherently wrong in believing in people, nor with spontaneous love, but her cocktail of personality traits makes it very easy for her peers to demean her without her ever noticing.

Overall, her energetic nature can lead to her being rather chaotic. However, her loyalty never wavers, and she’s nothing if not honest about how she feels. If you are comfortable with her lack of tact and inability to be formal, then it is possible that the two of you could become quite close.

The thing about being an Imoogi is that your appearance is always in flux.

As of right now, Iseul’s hair is dyed a bright blue. Her hair is naturally messy and reaches her shoulders, but she pulls it up into a ponytail for the sake of convenience. It’s a bit brittle to the touch since she doesn’t take proper care of it.

Iseul is, in a word, fit. Naturally chubby, her life of fishing, swimming, and surfing has led to the development of noticeable muscle. Since swimming exercises the entire body, her physique is well rounded.

Because of living most of her life outdoors, her skin is evenly tanned. Thick eyebrows hover over dark brown eyes and short eyelashes. A flat nose and small, usually bloodied lips (because of her fangs) tie the rest of her face together.

While her jagged horns and sharp teeth make sure people know she isn’t fully human, the only other physical details of note are her height (5’3) and the mark of an Imoogi on her shoulder, one that she was born with.

As a final note, she tends to dress in comfortable athletic clothes so she can be physical on a moment’s notice. Iseul favors the color blue above all others, and it features heavily in her wardrobe. Beyond that, she avoids the more elaborate kinds of fashion that most members of the student body adore.

Notable Interactions
Being an unpopular person, Iseul only has a few interactions that could be labeled as ‘notable’.


The next king from The Girl Without Hands, and yet another Charming, it might seem peculiar that Iseul would find an accord with them. However, their dynamic is less friendly and more sisterly in nature.

Elysian, in Iseul’s eyes, is someone to be loved and protected. One of her bad moods can be solved by Elysian’s presence 85 percent of the time. Out of all of her friends, Iseul hangs out with them the most, mainly because the prince never tries to police her behavior.

They became friends at the local cafe, which may sound utterly cliché, but there’s no denying that they have a strong bond and harbor true affection for each other.


(Contrary to popular belief, these two are not related.)

Serenity is what most would consider a fickle friend, so it’s truly perplexing how these two are so close.

Having met during Dragon Slaying, where Iseul panicked after experiencing some nasty culture shock and Serenity stepped in to help, the two of them have been thick as thieves ever since. They watch a lot of cartoons together as a form of bonding and stress relief, especially those of the magical girl variety. Serenity also function as Iseul’s number 1 fan at surfing competitions, often distributing handmade flags in an effort to cheer her on.

Despite Serenity’s usual inability to maintain bonds for long, Iseul continues to defy logic; they’ve been friends for months and show no signs of splitting up soon. The Imoogi has unquestionably earned a rare place in the future love interest’s heart.


An unusual student to begin with, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the two of them get along well. Iseul sees the angel as ‘cool’ and doesn’t automatically label him as a nerd, which is more than can be said for the rest of his close friends.

As far as interactions go, the two seem to have senses of humor that intersect with alarming frequency. If they were to become closer, it’s impossible to tell how that could impact the atmosphere at Ever After High, but I speculate that it’d certainly make things a tad bit more interesting.


In sharp contrast to her illogical trains of thought, Dante is far more logical. The two of them do not interact as much as Iseul would like, and that is probably a good thing so far as I’m concerned.

Her opinion of him is that he’s a friend of hers who is ‘actually smart’, which makes him a ‘nerd’. She also thinks he should talk more. What he thinks of her is yet another mystery, but it is safe to assume that he tolerates her company.


Another rational entity, Beatrice is often openly exasperated by Iseul’s antics, but seems to tolerate her as well. Iseul’s very enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming closer to the protagonist, something that she expresses whenever they interact for an extended period of time. However, taking into account the Imoogi’s weekly invasions of Beatrice’s privacy, it’s unlikely that this is reciprocated in the same way.


Iseul’s infatuation with the celebrity is well known, and so is her persistence when it comes to them interacting. Azra, for her part, loathes her, labeling her as a troublesome nuisance. Their interactions are almost painful to watch as a result, since Iseul is oblivious to the other girl’s disdain. Ignorance truly is bliss in this case.


While Marietta once owed her a favor, leading to the creation of the deathtrap Iseul calls a car, they no longer interact. Knowing Marietta, that was most certainly the safest outcome.

Elwood Silverstone and Marmion Erz do not exist, and therefore should not be counted.

The Truth
The truth about Iseul is simple.

She’s never going to be on the top of the social ladder. She’s brash, inconsiderate, and incapable of seeing people’s true colors. However, she doesn’t harbor any deep secrets. Her perception of the world may not be truly accurate, but there’s nothing dangerous about her. Overall, she’s a pest at worst, and a loyal companion at best. It’s all a matter of perspective.

This has been an insightful, but very brief investigation of Iseul Soo.


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