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Isidore L'Orange's Mirror Blog
Character Profile
Parent Story The Bee and the Orange Tree
Alignment Rebel
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One Reflection wouldn't know talent if it bit them in the shut-your-mouth.

A girl said I'd look totally cute with my hair tied in seaweed.

No, I'm not bringing my cousin to the True Hearts Ball.

Grimm's obsession with destiny is royally screwed up.

I lost count of how many lame break-up songs Tailor Quick wrote.

My ankles are freezing! They really need to turn up the heat in the classrooms.

Royalty get access to all sorts of crazy dishes. I've eaten roast bustard coated with eight different kinds of sauce. (FTR, bustard is a kind of big, ugly bird.)

I got three quarts of orange chicken from the Chinese take-out place. All for me, of course. (You think I'm gonna get fat?)

I honestly wouldn't mind Disney so much if they stuck to original stories instead of turning fairy tales into jokes.

Sometimes the people who complain about how arrogant certain celebrities are can be just as arrogant as the celebrities they're complaining about.

Do you think quadrupedal stuffed bears should be considered teddy bears or do only bipedal stuffed bears count?

The funniest movies are the ones that never intended to be funny.

I can't believe I sat through an episode of Catching Up with the Charmings without vomiting.

Oh no, Rosie O'Donspell is ranting on TV again. Please change the channel quick!

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