Johanna Felis

Jóhanna is the daughter of Kisa


PARENT'S STORY: Kisa the Cat

ROOMMATE: ???(Will be added later)

SECRET HEART'S DESIRE: I want to explore the world and enjoy life as a royal human.

MY "MAGIC" TOUCH: I can heal others through magic.

STORYBOOK ROMANCE STORY: I honestly don't care for romance right now, I have forever after to find my prince.

"OH CURSES!" MOMENT: I have an obsession with fur! I just love the feel of it.

FAVORITE SUBJECT: Kingdom Management, I expect that one day I'll rule mighty kingdom and be of course be queen of the throne.

LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECT: Che-myth-stry, all those chemicals stain fur! No way am I letting my royal threads get ruined by harmful potions.

BEAST FRIENDS FOREVER AFTER: ???(Will be added later)


  • Is destined to be the next Kisa.
  • Sister: Halldóra Felis