Jackie Pumpkin is a mysterious and fun 16 year old artist from Australia. She loves both Monster High and Ever After High along with several other things such as Anna Dressed in Blood.



Jackie is a quiet and self-kept person. She is secretive and uses her feelings about her life and her personality in some of her works. She's not a very confident person but tries to make the most of life.

She has a love for reading, especially ghost series.


Jackie has green curly hair with a top hat. I wish. Actaully, her hair is a dark purple and has a terrible tendancy to curl and knot. Her eyes are usually blue, but sometimes change to a green colour. She usually wears 'girly' and 'pretty' clothes with bright colours. Now her style is slowly trending to a more 'nerdy' style.


Jacqueline now has 7 OC's for the Ever After High.

Both Louis and Chris are still in progress. Their pages will be made very soon!



  • Jackie LOVES the colour purple.
  • She is a Sagittarius, being born in November on the 24th.
  • Jackie's most favourite fairytale of all time is Beauty and The Beast.
  • She is very shy, and usually doen't talk to anyone, especially if she doesn't know them. But, she has a tendancy to have sudden outbursts of random, which makes her very talkative.
  • The character 'Jackie Pumpkin' is british. This is because Jackie's dad came over to Australia when he was 5. Also her ancestors were English.
  • For obvious reasons, Jackie Pumpkin is a fasle name. She prefers to be called 'Kat'


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