Hello everyone, and welcome to my driver page! I'm a pretty shy person, but I do love to draw when I'm not drowning under boatloads of homework, so here is where I'll be keeping track of most of my drawing things, and of course you can learn a little bit about me here too :)

About Me


Honestly, I'm probably one of the shiest people around. Certainly the shiest person that I know. So I do tend to spend a lot of my time by myself. I like to consider myself a hard worker. I tend to do pretty well at school when I apply myself. I've been on the Dean's list for a few semesters now, and I recently won first prize at the science conference at my college for my animated video on Asthma. I do tend to be pretty mellow and try to keep my stress to a minimum... but hey, being in college can make anyone stressy :)


Well, I really like to draw. It's what I tend to do in my free time while I'm watching TV and such. Recently (like, since last year) I've gotten into baking. Now my sisters constantly bother me for sweets. I also really like to play video games (especially Sims... I've wasted so much time on that game...) I really like Mario, Pokémon, Sonic and Zelda games, and Lego games are always good for a laugh. I love reading as well. Some of my favourite series are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson (and other Rick Riordan books), Nancy Drew, School For Good and Evil, and I've just started reading The Throne of Glass series. It's good so far! In addition, I really like to roleplay, just sayin'....


June 13th!!!


25.... I'm old


Canada, the good ol' wild west of Canada.


I have two puppy dogs. One is a literal puppy named William (Willie) who is a mutant yorkshire terrier called a biewer , and there's my Bischon Bolognese is named Dublin, or Prince, or Prince Dublin. He's fancy.


I'd like to think I've made some friends during my time here... Though I'd be too nervous to list anyone in case they don't consider me as a friend. That would be embarrassing!

Other Facts

I really, really love movies. Anything from super hero movies to silent movies from the 1920s... I actually watch a lot of old movies.

I first got into Ever After High back in December 2014.

I'm currently in school to be an elementary/middle school teacher!

My Characters

My Rainbow Darling

Icon-Royal.png Fay Fairer Daughter of Fairer-than-a-fairy

Shared Characters

Icon-Royal.png Ciel Fairer (Next Gen character co-owned with RoybelGirl)

Icon-Rebel.png Fontaine Fairer (Next Gen character co-owned with RoybelGirl)


Characters I Have Helped Design

Destiny Claus                                            Flora Blossom                                         Jasper Rai

Aurora Neva                                              Seraphina Steadfast Wonia Mucus                           

Sharah the Sailor                                       Priscilla Pea

Estella Shalott                                            Fawn Darby

Rouena Swayne                                        Rachel Woolsworth

Sofia Brother                                              Snow Wittchen

Dollmonique Coppelius                              Sandra de Martin

Fleur Prince                                                Marlene Merlin

Fée Nobel                                                   Blake Von Dark

Viennessa Waltz                                          Shelby Kelpfrey

Outfits I Have Helped Design

Lian Tian-e's Legacy Day outfit

Rosette la Beu's Spring Unsprung outfit                                            Pythia Adalinda's Dragon Games outfit

Merana Little's Getting Fairest outfit                                                   Jasper Rai's Legacy Day outfit

Lisera Le Fay's Wave 2 outfit Pirouette Paper's Legacy Day outfit

Charmaine Lexwington's Dragon Games outfit Destiny Claus' Birthday Ball outfit

Charmaine Lexwington's Spring Unsprung outfit

Turchelesa Blue's Legacy Day Outfit

Hao-cun Wukong's Wave 2 outfit

Aqua Doux's Dragon Games outfit

Neola Taika's Date Night outfit

Upcoming Ever After High Art

My To-Do List

Just so I don't forget....

For Fay Fairer

  • Hat-tastic Tea Party Outfit
  • Dragon Games Outfit---Outlining
  • Budget Ballet Outfit--Sketched
  • Budget Archery Line---Sketched
  • Budget Tea Party Line
  • San Diego Comic Con Outfit
  • One-off Line Outfit
  • Budget Thronecoming
  • Back to School
  • Powerful Princess
  • Sweet Treats
  • Parents Day
  • Wedding Dress
  • Fan Line-Nutracker Ballet (by Rai)--Sketched
  • Fan Line-Tick Tock Time (by Jack)--Sketched
  • Fan Line-Dance of your dreams (by Patchy and me)
  • Fan Line-Valentine's Day (by Rose)
  • Fan Line-Snowflakes and Mistletoes (by Wise)
  • Fan Line- Fairytales en Pointe (by Wise and me)
    • Act 1: Captivity--Sketched
    • Act 2: Quest
    • Finale: Rainbow Princess
  • Superhero costume (b/c why the heck not) --Outlining

For Other Lovely People

  • Destiny Claus 2.0

My Drawings

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