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"My sweet little butterfly, what did you exepect from me? I am my father's son after all."

Jaiden Wocky is a 2019-introduced and all-around/fiction-only character. He is the son of the current generation Jabberwock from Lewis Carrol's Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There and the brother of Juniper Wocky, and currently attends Ever After High in his Classic Year. In the destiny conflict, he's on the Royal side because he shares a destiny with his girlfriend/soulmate.



Like his father and older sister, Jaiden is a sadistic person, loving seeing his enemies in pain he himself inflicted. He's super antisocial, so he does not like to most interactions with people, which lend him choosing to talk to only a handful of students.

Intimating is his second name. He can scare even the toughest Charming, just for a laugh. Despite everything, he isn't a bully, well

With Amorette's around him, his intimidating atmosphere changes completely. He's kind, gentle, soft, and pretty much treat her as if she was made out of porcelain. He tends to be very overprotective of her and at the same time afraid of her.


In his human/normal form, Jaiden has pale skin, ebony black hair with dark violet tips. His pearly white teeth are sharper than the sharpest knife in the Castletria. His eyes are a deep violet hue that shows nothing but power.

In his half-Jabberwock form, his deep violet eyes have black slants in place of pupils. His pale skin on his arms is now covered in deep violet leathery dragon scales that starts from below his shoulder to his fingertips that are replaced with claws that could cut through even the toughest metal.

Powers & Abilities


  • Being a citizen of Wonderland, he does have his share of Wonderland Magic.
  • Jabberwocky Physiology: As one of the two children of the Jabberwock, Jaiden has the abilities of a Jabberwocky, which includes:
    • Claw Retraction: Jaiden can generate sharp claws at will. He also has enhanced clawmanship, which grants him great skills to wield claws.
    • Enhanced Bite: With his sharp fangs, Jaiden has a very strong bite. This makes him able to bite through metal surfaces.
    • Tail Manifestation: Jaiden can summon his Jabberwocky tail to protect him and others from rear attacks. His tail is also prehensile, which means it can be used as an extra limb and hold objects.
    • Wing Manifestation: He can also summon his leathery wings and achieve flight with them.
    • Electrical Breath: Jaiden can send out purple shaded lightning from his mouth.
    • Enhanced Condition: Jaiden possesses a physical and mental condition beyond the peak of human condition.
      • Enhanced Durability: With this, he can take multiple blows of assault.
      • Enhanced Strength: Jai also has passed the average strength of normal humans.

Fairy Tale – Cupid and Psyche

How the Story Goes

Main Article: Jabberwocky

Main Article: Cupid & Psyche

How Does Jaiden come into it?

After the story, the Jabberwock went back to his clan and met Judith and quickly fell in love. He treated her like a queen and later married her. A year after the marriage, Judith was pregnant with the twins. Since Juniper was going to take their father's role, his whole Freshman Year he was a Neutral. But when he started dating Amorette and since he doesn't have the legacy of being the Jabberwock, he more than anything wants to be the Eros in her story. However, Headmaster Grimm is conflicted, but is thinking about it. Eros decided to make him the Cupid with his daughter's version of his story and Jaiden became a Royal.


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Jaiden's face claim, Jeon Wonwoo

  • His face claim would be Jeon WonWoo.
  • His voice actor would be blackbear.
  • His full name is Jaiden Onyx Wocky.
    • The name 'Jaiden' is of Hebrew origin and means 'thankful, God will judge'. The reason for this naming is simply because it starts with a J.
    • The name is 'Onyx' is of unknown origin and means 'black gemstone'. The reason for this naming is because of his black hair and for naming simply.
    • The reason for the surname 'Wocky' is because of his species being jabberwockies.
  • While he himself isn't scared of his father, he's more scared of Amorette meeting his father.
  • In his half-Jabberwocky form, his body heats up to high temperatures. This made him Amorette's second portable heater during winter.
  • He never admits it, but he loves Amorette's natural scent. It's so intoxicating and drives the boy mad for more.
  • Jaiden hardly ever shows his teeth as he wears a mask that covers his mouth completely. You will never see him without his mask on. Anyone that's not Amorette or Juniper who tries to take it will end up in the infirmary. Enough said. Never take off the boy's mask.


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