I am but a little bird and you can see me fly, though I'm just a little bird, my love for you can touch the sky.
-Grimm's Fairytale Classics

well, Jamie is always very energetic, and bounces everywhere, always humming some little tune. she tends to think nothing can hurt her, and walk dead into danger, while keeping a smile on her face, " ignorance is bliss" as they say. however this bright bubbly person only comes out around people she knows she can be very shy, and meek around people she considers strangers, especially since she moved schools. Despite her careless behavior she is extremely cautious around water, she hates it and will do everything in her power to avoid it. because she's younger, Jamie inherited the role of Jorinde.

parent's story: 

once a handsome young youth named Joringel fell in love with a fair maiden by the name of Jorinde, the two decided to go walking in the woods one day, however this was no ordinary wood, a lonely old witch lived in a castle deep in the wood, if a young man came within 100 feet of her castle, he would become quite fixed, unable to move until she set him free, a young maiden would turn into a bird, and the witch would lock her up in a wicker cage. The pair walked until they found themselves lost, as they grew worried Jorinde sang in attempt to lighten the mood, ' my little bird with a throat so red sings sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, he sings to the little dove that's dead sorrow sorr-jug-jug-jug' when joringel turned around he saw a nightingale singing ' jug jug jug' The witch took Jorinde away, and later joringel dreamed about a red flower with a pearl center, he touched the wicker cage with the flower and all,the maidens were set free.

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