Jenny Ocean's diary

I walked through the halls of EAH mysteriously wondering how can I fit in. Duchess and her friend Faybelle Thorn walked to me

"Aww hi Princess I don't have a DESTINY!" Duchess said pretending to act innocent.

"It must be sad that you don't have a DESTINY!" Faybelle said circling around me.

I ran to my class closing my locker. Tears ran down my cheeks. " "What's wrong?" Raven Queen asked.

“I want a DESTINY, everyone has a DESTINY!" I cried.

"But here is the thing if you don't have a DESTINY you can rewrite it just the way you want."

"But my p-parents."

"Maybe you can deal with them after you rewrite."

"How about we rewrite the class schedule?"

Me and Raven giggled and sat in our seat. I raised my hand.

"Yes, Me. Ocean." Said Her Majesty the white queen

"Can we revisit the story lesson?"


I smiled at Raven and she smiled back at me. My DESTINY still awaits.

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