A year to not forgot

This year was awesome same if some people think it was not like the same, i know why it was a little bit different from other years since we arrived, i know that some people said i will not take the sword training class, but i want to take that one because i love fighting, and i'll be the best sword women ever being in Ever After High, because some students can said what they want, its not that who will discourage me.

I will have my destiny to be the next Puss In Boots like my dad before me, i really hope that one day i will have the perfect training in my life, i really want to see how great i can be, it will really a year to never forgot in this school where i going to have classes.

Since the year begin

Well swe encounter a great summer it was having snow, but then all gone sour,because Crystal dad the snow king has turned the school in ice, well Crystal Daring (who was a beast) Rosabella Briar Blondie Faybelle and aslynn go to find the seasonal roses to save Crystal parents, everyone at the school was now cold and trembled of coldness, i can't think for myself, i was also in this frozen situation, but we didn't lose hope, because all thge other roses was found, Crystal confronted the two who are responsible for all of this.

But Faybelle stoled the roses to get out of her mistake she made, when everyone see that she had no choice , but she hat=d to do it, Daring then wanted to take Faybelle place as the elves slave, so, when he sign that make the contract unvalable because when someone sacrifice themselve for other that make that unvalable, then Crystal save her parents and we had fun during the snow day in summer again.

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