Once Upon A Time

...Legacy Year.

This was the year that I gave into my hexcellent not destiny. Contrary to what my parents believe I don't want to sign the Story Book of Legends. My mother is totally hexcited for me sign my name on that book and declare that I will willingly die. I love my mother so much so I guess I'll go through with it. Besides, I don't want to risk anybody else in my fairy tail for my own selffish beliefs.

...Off to death I go I suppose,

Chapter One

Well, in approximately one chapter I will go up onto that stage a sign my life away. Lavana, my roommate, is ready to spell-ebrate, I couldn't be more terrified. There is no way I will go up on that stage and say I will die for a boy I barely even know! There's no way in Hex that I will. knowm I write this but I know that I will.

Anyway, there's already talk about this one spella brave girl named Raven Queen. She is rebelling against her destiny and a lot of people are siding with her. I guess she hasn't got the memo about the, 'you rebel your story disppears,' thing but YOLOUT I guess.

Lavana is begging me to go out with her to get a pedi-curse. Might as well, if I'm going to be a dancing ghost my feet might as well look good doing it.

Chapter Two

OH MY GRIMM! I can't believe that today happened.

Okay so it was Legacy Day, and I was fullt prepared to die. No really I was! I sat there as Apple White came and signed off on her destiny. Then came Raven Queen. I had to hold my breath, out of all fairy tales who would sign their name hers was the most important. She was the lead rebel, she started it all. After her would be my turn to sign and so I held my breath and waited,

"I am Raven Queen and I'm going to write my own destiny!" I gasped, I think every body did. Lavana looked confused but I was bursing with hexcitment. She refused...and she was still there! That meant I didn't have to sign. I never felt so relieved in my life.

Now it's time for us to choose sides, whether we were Royal or a Rebel. Apple, Blondie, Lavana, and so many more sided with the rebels. I however, following my heart, went with the rebels.

I believe it's the start of a brand new chapter!

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