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I think this MirrorBlog is a wonderlandiful idea. At least I can write something.

I normally don't go to parties, but this time, Briar's party is off the Captain Hook~! I got my formal dress ready too (it's also ironed)!

I think this is pretty interesting. Uh, I lost my formal dress, and that was the last dress that looked nice for the party! What am I going to do? #howdidthishappen #lost

Even if this is embarrassing, I consider this interesting. I just wore my PJs to the party... and was the only one with PJs on... #embarrassing

Party over, and I'm glad. Now Hannah's hexting me that there's going to be a club for authors tomorrow. I guess more interesting stuff would happen there. Well, I should be off this MirrorPad right now, since it's late. I better sleep.

So I'm preparing to the club. Since it's technically a meeting, I'll find another formal dress for it :P I think I might like this club. It's happening every Tuesday.

Oh my fairy godmother. I was finding my meeting dress and I just happened to find out that my party dress was hidden in the wardrobe. I left it on my desk last night, for cooling down. I think Hannah put the dress in my wardrobe... now it's wrinkled. Oh well. DX

I only ever-after write about interesting stuff, but there were absolutely nothing today, so I just thought I'm going to write something. All we did at the club was talk about writing stories... uh... here's a Rebel~!

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