Jollin Dal Tokki
Tokki Stars
Character Profile
Parent Story Korean Moon Rabbits
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
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I knew the Earth had more gravity than home, but I wasn't expecting this much!

Anyone know where I can find a hat that works with my ears?

Earth has so many colors! At home we only have 2. Gray, and slightly darker Gray...

Boys confuse me. Girls confuse me too. I'm just confused in general, I think...

I saw a white rabbit in the Enchanted Forest. Kinda reminded me of an old...friend...

I got my roommate today! His name is Sterling, and he seems really nice (and cute)! I hope we can be good friends!

Had to do an exercise in Wooing 101 with Daring today. He was doing great... until he opened his mouth...

I had some great ears of corn today. I wish they had the kernels pre-removed though. It's so pesky to have to cut them off myself.

Feeling kind of homesick... I'm royally missing my Eomma's homemade Ggul tteok.

Sterling has some royally cute clothes. Wonder if he'd let me borrow them sometimes...

Just came back from a spellbindingly amazing date with Reginald Cannery. He's such a sweetheart, and I already can't wait to see him again!

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