"Do you need help with that?"
Kagyaku to anybody in a spot of trouble

Kagayaku, or Kaga for short, is a very kind and friendly person, aligning with the royals, even though she has no qualms with the Rebels (she's a cinnamon roll).



She is pretty well liked, seeing as she's extremely kind and will help you out with most anything, and is also quite obedient, but not to the point where she'll follow orders blindly. She's also quiet.

Some of her hobbies include reading, laying down in bed, listening to music, and using calming apps on her MirrorPad.


She has black hair tied in a bun, a white kimono with a red sash, and natural makeup. Plain and simple.

Fairytale – The Mirror of Matsuyama

How the Story Goes

Link to the tale:

How does Kagayaku come into it?

She is very content with her destiny. She has always wanted a happy place to call her own, and according to the story, after some hardships, such as her mother passing away, and some difficulties with a stepmother, she knows that will happen.



She is very close with both her mother and father.


She very much likes to hang out with Raven Queen, Akito, who is one of her best friends and knows she can confide anything in her, and Blondie Lockes and her get along fantastically. She is well liked throughout the school though, so if she wants to talk to somebody, she usually can.


She summoned a butterfly, which okay, isn't very impressive, but reflects her sweetness, simplicity, but also uniqueness. Her butterfly is almost always flying by her side, even in classes.


She has a huge crush on Raven Queen, but is afraid to tell her. She has been thinking of asking C.A. Cupid for advice. Otherwise there is nobody. To anyone who pays attention to her body language, her crush on Raven is very obvious.


There a good amount of people who annoy her, but she hides it.


She deeply loves silver and reflective things. Also see has a love for nature and serene themes.


Her name translates to Shining Mirror, a good connection to her story seeing as, well, it's about a mirror.

I think I just created a lesbian cinnamon roll. I love her to bits, she is my child.

--TheDemonicOnion (talk) 15:54, April 22, 2020 (UTC)

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