I luv Darling Charming and I'm v gay for her uwu

I'm a big fan of ever after high

my bday is December 29th


  • Rosabella x Daring
  • Apple x Daring
  • Raven x Dexter
  • Bunny x Alistair (idk how to spell his name)
  • Lizzie x Kitty

More to be added maybe

facts about me

  • I was once a fan of Danganronpa
    • I'm not interested in it anymore due to a fight I had with an ex-friend
  • I looooooove cats!!!! I have a siamese cat ^^
  • I love music and art!
    • my favoure bands are Panic! At the Disco and Twenty One pilots.
    • my favorite music artists are Billie Eilish and Jack Stauber
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