Meowr.... Looks like someone is having a terribly furrocious fairy fail day today..
Katrina's quote about others with bad days.

Greetings, i am Katrina Whiteclaw, Daughter of the White Cat.


If Katrina were to be voiced, Erin Fitzgerald would be the greatest! As Katrina has an accent, and Erin has voiced many characters with an accent like Abbey Bominable and Spectra Vondergeist from Monster High.

If there were to be a live action movie or cartoon, Avril Lavigne would probably be a good pick, she has the eyes for Katrina and her hair is a light blonde anyway, nearly white.



Katrina is someone you are always tempted to pet. But she would scratch you if you tried. She is very cattish and curious, yet very loyal and poise at the same time. She is very energetic, liking to get into people's buisness. She also tends to be self centered and a bit "bimboish" at times. She is also kind of called a "stereotype blonde"


Tan skin, blonde hair, yellow eyes, white cat ears and a white tail.


The White Cat




She favors to stay close to her mom to not get in trouble with the teachers


She likes to hang out with fellow felines like her like Kitty Cheshire.


She is not looking for anyone, she is waiting for her prince to come to her.


She is considered a pet so.... o3o


Basic/Wave 1

A white cat purse, a furry grey and white dress, white gloves, white shoes with claw heels and grey fur.


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