Kayleigh's basic lineart drawing

Kayleigh Ceilidh is the daughter of the youngest princess of the story The Twelve Dancing Princesses. She is shown to be hyper at most times and enjoys Grimmnastics.

She was created by Jeb029



Kayleigh, being the youngest of four sisters, is young, and therefore not the most mature of people. She is hyperactive and often word vomits, which is talking a lot and is also known as rambling, normally without knowing she is. She is a prodigy when it comes to Grimmnastics and likes to hang out with people older than herself. She hates people saying that she has to be a good dancer. She has the strange desire to sneak out of places at times.


Kayleigh has the appearance of a normal 13-year-old girl. her skin is pale and she is quite tall for her age. She has round, turqouise eyes. Her blonde/brown, wavy hair is styled to flow onto her right shoulder and has pink dip dye tips.

Fairy tale

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Kayleigh is the daughter of the youngest of the original twelve dancing princesses. She is the youngest of four sisters.She has nine cousins and eleven aunts.Her,her sisters,and some of her cousins are destined to become the next dancing princesses as there needs to be 12 princesses.


Kayleigh is friends with her twelve sibling and Ashlynn Ella, although she disliked Ashlynn's short attention span when it comes to shoes.


Kayleigh wishes to marry an Irish knight like her father.


While wearing her basic outfit, Kayleigh wears skater/rebellious styled clothes. She sports a neon pink sleeveless dres that goes down to her thighs that has the back cut out. She wears a black beanie on her head and fishnet gloves. She has black lace up knee-high converse boots with pink laces.


  • She has twelve sisters, and she is the youngest of all of them, being thirteen.
  • She was accepted into EAH at her age because without her, the story of her sisters and her would not be able to continue being told.
  • If Kayleigh were an Ever After High canon character, she would be voiced by G Hannelius, or Genevive Hannelius, known for her role as Avery Jennings on Disney Channel's cartoon 'Dog With a Blog'. Voice samples of her can be found here.
  • Her last name, Ceilidh, is a variation of Kayleigh.
  • Kayleigh is an irish dance name.
  • Her father is Irish.
  • Has a slight feeling she is bisexual.

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