Quotation1 do you ever wonder "oh my stars how do people manage to stay active on a site for a year" because thats me every day when i remember this site exists Quotation2

Naya, formerly known as Jaira, or Lana, or.. whatever names they went by in 2015 and early 2016, is a roleplayer who flickers in and out of the EAH fandom. They joined the wiki in very, very late December 2014, a few days before the new year, and now has no idea what the heck their life's become in over a year.



Naya is approximately 5'0", and probably looks their age. Loves wearing dark blue and wisteria-- more like just blue in general-- and jackets and shorts in the same combination, or open-toe shoes when it's cold outside. She has long black hair ending just below her hip and dark brown eyes. She wears blue glasses and has really chapped lips.


They're fairly impatient, even though they desperately do try to be kind and talk to everyone nicely. They're also very introverted, and don't like to talk to people in real life. When their mental health is very weak, they tend to be edgy as all heck. Seriously stubborn and tends to swear way too much for their own good. They, however, love to attempt to be creative, indulging in art and writing as their favorite interests.


  • Anime/Manga: Danganronpa, Hunter X Hunter, Boku no Hero Academia, Mahou Shoujou Ikusei Keikaku (and they'r pretty sure most of these aren't suitable for children or those who don't like blood)
  • Music: Piano?? Orchestra?? Musicals. Musicals, including Hamilton's music. yeah they guess
  • Dance: Not very interested in it anymore, but loves tap and contemporary, along with modern dance. Also likes ice skating, which is probably in the wrong bullet but oh well. Space saving.
  • Art Outlets: Writing (ie roleplaying and failed fanfiction), traditional art and Danganronpa sprite editing


Naya purely prefers to go by their alias, "Naya," now-- they aren't completely uncomfortable with other nicknames, but they are pretty uncomfy with any nicknames in relation to Junko Enoshima, a character they now extremely dislike from Danganronpa. They also are genderfluid and prefer they/them or he/him pronouns, but are comfortable with other pronouns as well.


im goiing to revamp all of them ag h i swear ill make them better before i completely forget about this site ill just. switch wikia users to change my username to go under kiruaas and then. there