Kissa is a bit of a trouble maker, though it is all in good fun. She sticks up for what she believes in, and will always be there to help out her friends in their time of need, even if it means lying to others to help herself, or her friends.


Kissa is of average height. She has a pale complexion and brilliant aqua coloured eyes. Her hair is naturally pink, but likes to add blonde and blue streaks through to match her bold personality.

Her dress is a mix of sweet and classic lolita. Dark steel blue jacket, with matching skirt with elaborate swirls with cat silhouettes. Black waist cinch, and a black/white stripe bustier. She wears shin thigh black boots, as well as decorative stockings.

Fairy Tale

The tale "Puss in Boots" has many interpretations. But the basic of the story is, Puss, a cat who can speak, helps his lazy owner become the husband of a beautiful princess, after lying to the King, that his master, who was really nothing but a commoner.

The cat becomes a Lord, and lives out the rest of his days comfortably, chasing mice for his own amusement.



Kissa finds it hard from time to time to make friends, especially when others know who her father is. She is always open to making new friends, and enjoys spending time with them.


Kissa doesn't currently have a pet. She feels she isn't responsible enough to take care of one as of yet.


Kissa is always keeping an eye out for love, however at this stage she currently doesn't have a crush.