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QUART is coming out with the new single "Lovey"! Lina and Miyeon are so going to slay them all.
--- Kohinoor talking to Artemis about QUART's new comeback.

Kohinoor Haghighi is the next Dunyazad from the Tale of Scheherazade. She is known mainly for being ridiculously obsessed with Korean bands and wishes to meet them one day. She's a Roybel because while she has no objections to her destiny, she wants to do so much more than just being the next Dunyazad.


Kohinoor Haghighi is idealistic, obsessive, artistic, a little whimsical, and gullible. Her gullibility and procrastination backfires on her many, many times. 

She is heavily attached (to the point of obsession) to her favorite bands and celebrities. She considers them as "skinny legends", "what my life is worth living for", "QUEENS", etc. Thing is, she has idealized them as concepts instead of what they actually are: human beings just like her and her friends. 

The reason for this obsession is because she is unsure of her identity and feels insecure about herself being "imperfect", so she idealizes these celebrities who she sees as "perfection" and treats them like gods/goddesses. She uses her obsession to fuel a sense of identity, to keep her from being nothing. 

Her biggest fear is that she really is nothing. As she is at the young age of fourteen, she fights this fear by making herself stand out from the crowd. She takes up odd interests to seem more "special" to those around her. 

Her biggest strength is being totally devoted to what she wants and sticking by others even when they are in tough times. Once she holds onto someone or something, she will never let it go. 

Her biggest weakness is failing to realize that --- y'know---- she is in the real world. She gets so caught up in her own idealizations of things that she forgets to see them for what they really are. This flaw is why many people think she's "crazy". 


Kohinoor Haghighi is at an average height of 166 cm. Her eyes are a shade of pale lavender and her skin is a medium brown with red undertones. Her hair is black with green and purple highlights. It is styled straight, long, and edgy. She wears purple/lavender makeup. Her eyes are large and 'bird-ish'. Her face is oval with chubby cheeks and her nose is pretty average. Her lips are average length and she always wears green lipstick. It's a fashion statement, according to her. According to Gulzar, she is "pretty but nothing special."

Kohinoor wears the traditional Camelot Prep School Uniform: black jacket, black skirt, white buttoned shirt, a blue tie, black stockings, and black shoes. She would add more modifications but she's just way too lazy to do so. 


Kohinoor likes to draw. Actually, she spends 80% of her time just drawing pictures of K-Pop boy and girl bands. She's even known as the "K-Pooper" because of her obsession with K-Pop. She also likes to throw bath bombs at her sisters and friends when they frustrate her or as a morning greeting. She has a large, vast storage of knowledge on bath bombs and wants to start a bath-bomb-themed company in the future. 

Despite what her sister and her sister's future Prince think, she doesn't actually write fanfiction. She hasn't reached that level of depravity. 

What's In A Destiny? 

In the Tale of Scheherazade, Dunyazad is Scheherazade's sister. When Scheherazade and King Shahryar are married, Scheherazade begs to see Dunyazad before she may eventually "die". Dunyazad accompanies Scheherazade and helps her throughout the story. At the end, Dunyazad gets married to King Shahryar's younger brother King Shahzaman. 

What Does Kohinoor Feel About Her Destiny? 

Kohinoor, to be totally honest, does not give a crap. It's not anything special, or terrible or amazing. It's a rather dull destiny, if anything. She's a Roybel because while she is willing to follow it, she likes the Rebel movement because they are defending their human rights.


Kohinoor Haghighi is the third and youngest daughter of the illustrious Haghighi family --- known as one of the families who 'give' their members for unoccupied destinies. They're basically the Arabian Nights equivalent of the Charmings. From a young age, she was made aware of her destiny as Dunyazad.


Gulzar Haghighi


Laila Haghighi


Artemis Charming


Hermes Glasslipper


Reza Mirza


Marcissa Goodfairy


Nameless/Damien/Colby du Laval


Percival Pendragon



  • Her favorite television series is Parks and Recreation.
  • Kohinoor is a feminine Persian name which means "mountain of light". It refers to her airy and light personality. Haghighi is a Persian surname meaning "the real" but where I found the meaning is kind of sketchy so, yeah.
  • She doesn't like ecchi anime. She really does not like ecchi anime.
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