Kristy Sparks Diary
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Parent Story Cinderella
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
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A New Orientation

I'm starting a new life in EAH. And I'm supposed to be very shy there? I need to follow my mother's footsteps, even if its so hard I'll find a new person to grant wishes and here is the time just to relax, but there's Royal-Language. And I'm too shy for that. But when I found out chem-myth-stry, I was touched. It's just what I need. But here, back to the main point.

I'm supposed to follow in my mother's footsteps, yeah, its good, but I need to take a break from these stuff. But following my destiny is all what it takes. But its so hard and I just wanna stay in my room without roomate, locked in my room, having some tea and relaxing from all those magic. But its more importatnt to follow my destiny. I don't want me to fade away or something. Well, I think I'll have a horrible nice start at EAH.

Chapter 1

Madeline's having tea time! I surely want to have some tea. I want to invite Ashlynn, but I'm too shy. I'd ask Maddy but she was too busy. I'd have to do it myself, then.

I went to Ashlynn's room, Briar told me "Ashlynn's in there, with a locked room." So I went there. I think this would be a horrible start. And I'm too shy. nice start. I'll try meeting some friends, even If I'm shy too. Our mother's are friends, too. So I knocked and said, "Hel-lo? This is, um, Kristy." And she opened the door. "Come on in, I have some tea." Just what I was thinking.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

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